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3 hours ago in Architecture
Chengdu cafe features interiors inspired by Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel
3 hours ago in Art
Holly Frean adds a whimsical twist to the everyday
Holly Frean paints the imagined lives of Dutch and Spanish Old Masters with ...
3 hours ago in Architecture
design crew for architecture renovates primary school in france with aluminum facades
a small engraved architectural jewel valued by the woodland site that surrounds it, design crew for architecture's renovated primary school is a remar
7 hours ago in Art & Design
Why & How: An Easy Guide to Starting an Art Collection
We get it—art can be daunting. But here’s the secret few art-world gatekeepers will tell you: there
4 hours ago in Art & Design
5 Not-to-Miss Sculptures at NADA Miami 2017
Take a look at these jaw-dropping sculptures, from a bottled witches brew to a literal life saver.
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3 days ago in Art
Yornel Martinez, 2017 Artist in Residence, Davidoff Art Initiative
4 days ago in Art
Untertage. Best of Visarte Zürich & Guests
5 days ago in Art
6 days ago in Art
Natalie Reusser: Charlie. Solo Exhibition at Balzer Projects, Basel
4 hours ago in Art & Design
Soak In Matthew Coleman's Underwater Photography
The first time Matthew did a shoot like this he found the result too weird. Now, a couple of years
4 hours ago in Art & Design
5 Highlights From Miami Basel for Under $100,000
4 hours ago in Art & Design
White Columns Director Matthew Higgs's Favorite Works from NADA New York 2017
The celebrated curator and director of White Columns shares his thoughts on his favorite works from
2 hours ago in Art & Design
"The Perception of Art Takes Place Through the Pressure Points that Develop When You Lie on It": A Q&A with Franz West
In this excerpt from Phaidon's Franz West monograph, the artist speaks about on the intimate relati
4 hours ago in Art & Design
Creative Time’s Nato Thompson’s Favorite Works From NADA New York 2017
The celebrated curator and critic writes about his favorite artworks from Artspace’s exclusive prev
2 hours ago in Art & Design
Artist Focus: Sebastiaan Bremer's Embellished Memory
Check out the artist's interactive installation-cum-hotel room for 21c Nashville, as well as a new,
2 hours ago in Art & Design
Patton Hindle, Kickstarter's Director of Arts, Describes Her Favorite Works from NADA Miami 2017
Here the gallerist and Kickstarter director of arts shares her thoughts on her favorite works from
4 hours ago in Art & Design
What Could the Net Neutrality Repeal Mean for the Art World?
We speak with poet/artist Kenneth Goldsmith, and the folks at Rhizome and Kickstarter to see how th
2 hours ago in Art & Design
21c Curator Alice Gray Stites's Favorite Artworks From NADA Miami 2017
Here, the ambitious curator shares her thoughts on her favorite works from Artspace’s exclusive pre
4 hours ago in Art & Design
Susan Goethel Campbell on Casting Grass Sculptures in the Shell of Detroit's Impermanent Landscape
Detroit-based artist Susan Goethel Campbell has been watching her city decay over the decades. Here
4 hours ago in Art & Design
Ho Ho Ho: 11 Holiday Gifts for Art Lovers
Artspace's affordable gift guide for this holiday season.
7 hours ago in Art & Design
7 Artists to Watch This December
We've got a present for you: a list of artists you should definitely know about. Without further ac
7 hours ago in Art & Design
4 Reasons to Gift Keith Haring's Wooden Chair to a Creative Little One
Give your kids the gift of inspiration this holiday season with this adorable Keith Haring chair.
2 hours ago in Art & Design
5 Reasons Why These ‘After Andy Warhol’ Prints Are the Real Deal—Despite Their Affordability
Here are 5 reasons to collect these Marilyn and Flower prints.
6 hours ago in Art
Fluctuating Selfhood
An exhibition at The Finnish Museum of Photography examines the shifting nature of identity. The post Fluctuating Selfhood appeared first on Aesthetic
6 hours ago in Architecture
Tokujin Yoshioka designs minimal packaging for Japanese skincare brand
6 hours ago in Architecture
Pesi designs homeware that incorporates wireless charging
6 hours ago in Art & Design
Artist Avner Geller Perfectly Illustrates Things He Has Accidentally Overheard
People say the funniest things when they think no one is listening. Avner Geller is an artist who works at... The post Artist Avner Geller Perfectly I
6 hours ago in Art
Amusing Sausage-Shaped Pendant Lamps
So-sage est une collection de suspensions conçues par Sam Baron pour Petite Friture, un éditeur de design. En forme de saucisses suspendues dans une b
6 hours ago in Art & Design
“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”: Stunning Mid-Century Mugshots From The City Of Brotherly Love
Sometimes mugshots look like portraits. In this gallery of faces from 1950 and 1960s Philadelphia, photo collector Mark Michaelson picks... The post “
6 hours ago in Art
100 Fiberglass and Resin Skulls Fill a Room at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne
Ron Mueck, an Australian artist known for his hyperrealistic figural sculptures, has created his largest work to date. His installation Mass contains
7 hours ago in Art & Design
Incredible Cityscapes And Urban Photography By Harimao Lee
Harimao Lee is a talented self-taught photographer, filmmaker, traveler and urban explorer from Hong Kong. Harimao focuses on traveling, he... The pos
7 hours ago in Art
Magnificent and Sweeping Views of the Alps
Plongez dans ces images somptueuses des Alpes, prises par le photographe polonais André Stummer. Actuellement basé en Suisse, Stummer profite de sa pr
7 hours ago in Architecture
andrés jaque completes ‘romola’, a super-marble restaurant in central madrid
the condition of the marble is registered by a number of technologies attached to it, such as the glass fiber and resin reinforcements. The post andré
8 hours ago in Art & Design
Photographer Analyzes Brain Waves To Construct Portraits Of People’s Ideal Selves
Everyone wants to change at least one thing about themselves. No matter how many cheesy songs are written about embracing... The post Photographer Ana
8 hours ago in Art & Design
Famous Album Covers Brought Onto Their Original New York City Locations Where They Were Shot
The Ramones at Inscope Arch. (cover to a 45-single) (photo by David Gahr) Bob Egan’s hobby is really interesting. He... The post Famous Album Covers B
9 hours ago in Architecture
Team Spirit by Eliška Kyselková: The Humor of Uniformity and the Exaggeration of Competition
London based photographer, Eliška Kyselková wanted to depict the "playful approach" to sports in her photographic series, Team Spirit. Inspired by
9 hours ago in Architecture
Timber and textured-brick surfaces soften interior of extension by O'Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects
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