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13 hours ago in Art & Design
Float on a Cindy Sherman Portrait for $250
Four reasons to collect "Oops Pool Float" by conceptual photography pioneer Cindy Sherman...
10 hours ago in Art & Design
White Columns Director Matthew Higgs's Favorite Works from NADA New York 2017
The celebrated curator and director of White Columns shares his thoughts on his favorite works from
10 hours ago in Art & Design
The Best European Graduate Schools for American Artists—How to Get Your MFA Abroad
European schools are typically WAY cheaper than American ones, which is just one reason getting you
13 hours ago in Art & Design
Shipwrecks, Mummies, and Spoils: How (Almost) 6 Ancient Masterpieces Were Discovered Accidentally
Before the world's most famous ancient artworks could be displayed under museum spotlights, they fi
1 hour ago in Art & Design
Mysticism, Memes, and Bratty George Washington: 2018's Best Pieces of Art Criticism
From Andrea Long Chu's queer understanding of 'Sex and the City' to a Aria Dean's take on Blackness
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4 days ago in Art
Preview: Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg in Season 9 of Art21 "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2018)
12 days ago in Art
Preview: Katy Grannan in Season 9 of Art21 "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2018)
13 days ago in Art
Robert Longo: Death Star II (2017/18)
15 days ago in Art
Carlos Cruz-Diez: Translucent Chromointerferent Environment
4 hours ago in Art & Design
Connecting Ghanaian Artisans with Contemporary Artists, Start-up 'Crucible' Reimagines the Relationship Between Artist and Fabricators
Michael Assiff's copper sculptures on view at Arsenal Contemporary exemplify an atypical relationsh
13 hours ago in Art & Design
Trading the Paintbrush for Pastry: Why Many New York Artists Have Been Turning to Food As a Response to Troubling Times
While the merging of culinary and fine arts isn't anything new, this generation of artists has bee
7 hours ago in Art & Design
“We’re Continually Living in Our Past”: Paul Graham on His Photos of a “New Europe”
Paul Graham was one of the first English photographers to use color seriously, and he changed the m
1 hour ago in Art & Design
We Ranked Hito Steyerl's Online Videos From Best to Best—Watch Them All Here
Watch all the videos by artist, writer, and "our art mom" Hito Steyerl that are available to stream
10 hours ago in Art & Design
Soak In Matthew Coleman's Underwater Photography
The first time Matthew did a shoot like this he found the result too weird. Now, a couple of years
10 hours ago in Art & Design
Now Listen Here: Sara Greenberger Rafferty Talks Satire, Gender, and Pranks on a New Art & Comedy Podcast
Artspace Magazine has partnered with the podcast, hosted by Sean J Patrick Carney, to bring you epi
10 hours ago in Art & Design
What Was American Regionalism? "I Realized My Best Ideas Came to Me Whilst I Was Milking Cows"
A kind of visual ASMR for Great Depression-era America, Regionalism aimed to depict idealistic port
13 hours ago in Art & Design
Meet Some of New York Academy of Arts' Most Talented Alumni Artists (And Browse the Online Exhibition)
Artspace worked with photorealistic painter Damian Loeb to curate an online exhibition of alumni fr
4 hours ago in Art & Design
Five NYC Shows to Catch Before Summer Ends
While there aren't a whole lot of openings to report on, there are a handful of shows that are curr
2 hours ago in Art
Still Life Revisited
Over the past seven years, Dan Matthews has developed a uniquely graphic and cropped aesthetic that conjures a sense of the surreal. The post Still Li
2 hours ago in Art & Design
Ricardo Nagaoka's Eden Within Eden is a purgatorial portrait of Portland
3 hours ago in Architecture
Amy Shao imagines Herbalist Hotel where stressed Londoners can rest
3 hours ago in Art & Design
Giphy has launched the first ever film festival dedicated to gifs
4 hours ago in Art & Design
Home with petrol blue walls
Every single room in this beautiful home has at least one wall that has been painted in a petrol blue (or is it more like a grey blue, not sure) which
3 days ago in Art & Design
Remember the pre-stage nerves and backstage stress in Alexander Coggin's photos of children's theatre
4 hours ago in Art
Conservationist Installation
Christo's new public commission,The London Mastaba, is a puzzling monument which makes a jarring statement in the heart of Hyde Park. The post Conser
5 hours ago in Art
Through the Lens of Photographer Tobias Hägg
Le photographe et cinéaste suédois Tobias Hägg, reconnu notamment pour ses incroyables clichés aériens de divers paysages naturels, se laisse porter a
5 hours ago in Art & Design
9 Female Painters of the 19th Century You Need to Know
See the powerful paintings of the women who went to Paris and refused to be silenced by the male-dominated art world. The post 9 Female Painters of th
5 hours ago in Art & Design
Sotheby’s Is Selling the World’s First Movie Poster, Which Promoted a Premiere Only 30 People Attended
The poster is an important piece of cinematic history. The post Sotheby’s Is Selling the World’s First Movie Poster, Which Promoted a Premiere Only 30
7 hours ago in Architecture
Al-Jawad Pike combines robust and affordable materials for extension to Peckham house
8 hours ago in Art & Design
Why Is the Case of Jailed Photographer Shahidul Alam So Important? Martin Parr, Dayanita Singh, and Others Explain His Significance
The Bangladeshi photographer is being punished for criticizing the government. Here's why you should pay attention. The post Why Is the Case of Jailed
8 hours ago in Architecture
this home in ecuador is a lighthouse for the surroundings, by juan alberto andrade
the two-story dwelling derives its name from the way it looks from outside — the second floor covered with semi-transparent polycarbonate is placed on
11 hours ago in Architecture
in india, LIJO RENY’s ‘regimented house’ is immersed in nature
the residence serves as a natural thermostat by keeping the internal temperature comfortable throughout the year. The post in india, LIJO RENY’s ‘regi
15 hours ago in Architecture
naturalbuild’s shanghai culture club promotes the ‘RV lifestyle’ to the chinese public
the building has an irregular quadrangle footprint with one façade that opens out onto the adjacent park to the south. The post naturalbuild’s shangha
15 hours ago in Architecture
Esrawe completes glossy bar at Mexico City's Auditorio Nacional
15 hours ago in Art
An Exploration into Nothing – Roshni Bhatia
My work emphasizes on intuition as a tool, relying on our innate impulse to derive meaning. I believe that by using free association we can actualize
16 hours ago in Art
Painting the richness of life with Ibrahim Yusuf
In my paintings I try to capture the beauty, richness and dynamics of life. I grew up in Enugu state and began painting at the age of 12. I studied ar
18 hours ago in Architecture
ÍCARO residences by arthur casas are an extension of brazil’s natural landscape
in order to fully integrate the building with the natural landscape, casas worked closely with the project’s landscape architect renata tilli. The pos
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