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2 hours ago in Architecture
esrawe studio fits out taquería in mexico city with new interiors and brand identity
the design references the tortilla and its geometric translation to the circle, as well as in its repetition, partition, and variants. The post esrawe..
3 hours ago in Architecture
Virginia cabin by 3north features fully glazed corner with river views
6 hours ago in Art
Tawny Chatmon Celebrates Cross Generational Beauty
Tawny Chatman's photographic portrayals of traditional portraiture and ...
5 hours ago in Art & Design
You Have 4 Days Left to See These 3 David Hockney Artworks at The Met
Here are 3 artworks by David Hockney on view at the Met that represent the different stages in the
2 hours ago in Art & Design
A 1959 Interview with Marcel Duchamp: The Fallacy of Art History and the Death of Art
In this Q&A with Marcel Duchamp, the pioneering artist questions whether a readymade can really be
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7 hours ago in Art
Georg Baselitz at the Media Conference at Fondation Beyeler
2 days ago in Art
Judith Hopf: Stepping Stairs / KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin
3 days ago in Art
Going AWOL (short film)
3 days ago in Art
Doreen Garner Sculpts Our Trauma | Art21 "New York Close Up"
2 hours ago in Art & Design
Emerging Artist Guide, Pt. 2: How to Host a Studio Visit and Nail a Commission
Here's what you need to know about having folks over to your studio, and how to expertly pull of cr
5 hours ago in Art & Design
Soak In Matthew Coleman's Underwater Photography
The first time Matthew did a shoot like this he found the result too weird. Now, a couple of years
5 hours ago in Art & Design
White Columns Director Matthew Higgs's Favorite Works from NADA New York 2017
The celebrated curator and director of White Columns shares his thoughts on his favorite works from
5 hours ago in Art & Design
Now Listen Here: Sara Greenberger Rafferty Talks Satire, Gender, and Pranks on a New Art & Comedy Podcast
Artspace Magazine has partnered with the podcast, hosted by Sean J Patrick Carney, to bring you epi
2 hours ago in Art & Design
The Art of the Botch Job: What Happens When a Priceless Piece of Art is Destroyed?
There is a fine line between a priceless piece of art and an art piece that is deemed literally pri
5 hours ago in Art & Design
5 Empowering Artworks (and Exhibitions) Made During the Civil Rights Movement
Here are five different artworks from five exhibitions that highlight artists responding to the Civ
2 hours ago in Art & Design
Art Communities Vs. Artist Communities: The Brooklyn Galleries Shaping the Future of Contemporary Art
When a gallery’s audience is the newest generation of contemporary artists, that gallery has a whol
2 hours ago in Art & Design
5 Super Useful Apps for Art World Folks
These apps will help you discover, identify, and learn about art—and connect you with fellow art wo
2 hours ago in Art & Design
Did Someone Say Jean Arf? 8 Art Dogs (And Their Artist Humans) in the Year of the Dog
To reign in the Lunar New Year, we're commemorating some of art's most celebrated good boys (and gi
6 hours ago in Architecture
A-frame roofs form Charles DuBois' Swiss Miss houses in Palm Springs
6 hours ago in Architecture
this playful tower in the netherlands allows for more than just a pretty view
the structure serves the community as an open theatre, an info center and a watchtower. The post this playful tower in the netherlands allows for more
8 hours ago in Art & Design
It Took This Artist 3 Months To Complete A Detailed Dundee Cityscape
Carl Lavia aka ‘Sketch’ is a self-taught sketch artist and I am a photographer. We have joined forces to form... The post It Took This Artist 3 Months
8 hours ago in Art & Design
Self-Taught Kenyan Photographer Captures The Beauty Of Black Female Models
Arthur Keef is a talented self-taught photographer and artist currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. Arthur focuses on portraiture, he shoots... The post
9 hours ago in Architecture
Morrama designs minimal straight razor for the millennial market
9 hours ago in Art & Design
Beautiful Female Portrait Photography By Andre Nguyen
Amazing beauty and lifestyle portraits by Andre Nguyen (previously featured), 20-year-old burgeoning photographer who was born and grew up in... The p
10 hours ago in Art & Design
Ghanaians Have A Lot Of Feelings About This Simple Illustration By Poka Arts
So when Ghanaian illustrator, Poka decided to illustrate one of the goals, it was certain that opinions will be all... The post Ghanaians Have A Lot O
10 hours ago in Art
Bright and Colourful MTV Video Music Awards Posters
Alexandre Tissier est un directeur artistique parisien spécialisé en communication et en projets digitaux. Sa dernière série, réalisée pour la campagn
10 hours ago in Architecture
jaeger-lecoutlre polaris watch unifies vintage and contemporary styles
debuting at the SIHH geneve 2018, the jaegar-lecoutlre polaris timepiece modernizes the spirit of the iconic memovox polaris watch from 1968. The post
11 hours ago in Art & Design
Gregory Jacobsen's Visions of Grotesquerie
Flags in butts, drippy cunts, shit beaks, and fleshy chunks of meat caught in seemingly intimate moments: these are the images Chicago artist and musi
12 hours ago in Architecture
Space Copenhagen renovates landmark Arne Jacobsen hotel using updated classic furniture
13 hours ago in Architecture
View the best wooden architecture via our updated timber Pinterest board
13 hours ago in Art & Design
Did Trump just… make fun of himself in public?
Okay, this is a bit unexpected. Trump isn’t exactly the most self-deprecating kind of guy, in fact, he loves himself so much that the idea of him taki
13 hours ago in Art
Winners of the 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest
Les organisateurs du Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest viennent d’annoncer les photographes et images lauréates de 2018, avec notamment la n
14 hours ago in Architecture
Lucy Kurrein's modular sofa "rejects the conventional working environment"
14 hours ago in Architecture
dominique coulon’s flowing-shaped media library in france houses two cultural programs
an inclined garden offers a new breakaway towards outside in a course ascending to a summer bar, the highlight of the walkabout. The post dominique co
15 hours ago in Art & Design
Lyngby SS18
Danish Lyngby Porcelain just released their new collection and my favorite is their classic matt vase design with a drip effect in glossy porcelain in
16 hours ago in Architecture
This week, UNStudio and OMA unveiled plans for buildings in France
17 hours ago in Art
Charming Illustration Tribute to Wes Anderson
L’esthétique symétrique aux couleurs pastel des films de Wes Anderson a inspiré de nombreux designers et artistes, dont Santiago Moriv, concepteur vis
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