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3 hours ago in Art & Design
A Look Inside the New Alabama Museum and Memorial Boldly Confronting Slavery and Its Brutal Legacy
Both projects, conceived of by lawyer, activist, and MacArthur Genius Bryan Stevenson, open this week in Montgomery. The post A Look Inside the New Al..
5 hours ago in Art & Design
Milan Design Week 2018: Exhibitions Around Town
Many people we spoke with during this year's edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan said this year was the busiest yet, and they may be right. With new
2 hours ago in Art & Design
A Demonstration of Pulley Systems for Easier Lifting
American Towman is billed as "Towing's premier magazine," and they've covered the industry for decades, primarily focusing on emergency road service.
1 hour ago in Art & Design
Now Listen Here: Sara Greenberger Rafferty Talks Satire, Gender, and Pranks on a New Art & Comedy Podcast
Artspace Magazine has partnered with the podcast, hosted by Sean J Patrick Carney, to bring you epi
4 hours ago in Art & Design
Take Note: 4 Reasons to Buy the Farnsworth's Dollar Paintings
Don't spend them all in one place.
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yesterday in Art
C.O. Paeffgen Solo Exhibition at Ruttkowski;68, Cologne
yesterday in Art
BolteLang and Sommer Contemporary Art at Art Cologne 2018
2 days ago in Art
Haegue Yang: ETA / Retrospective at Museum Ludwig, Cologne
3 days ago in Art
Galerie Lange + Pult at Art Cologne 2018
4 hours ago in Art & Design
Q&A: Exiled Iranian Artist Shirin Neshat on the Making of "Women Without Men"
In this 2006 interview with Kathy Kubicki for Phaidon’s "Speaking of Art" by William Furlong, Irani
4 hours ago in Art & Design
A One-Sided Love Story: 9 Artworks Based on the Myth of Narcissus
Learn about the myth of Narcissus, and the artists who, throughout history, have made works inspire
7 hours ago in Art & Design
Future Museums: 8 Groundbreaking Art Institutions Opening In the Next Three Years
Between a 12-story tower in Beirut, the highly anticipated M+ in Hong Kong, and the Lucas Museum of
1 hour ago in Art & Design
From "Ew" to a View: How a Former Staten Island Landfill Could Represent the Future of Art in Parks
Staten Island's Freshkills Park is turning the world's largest landfill into an ecological wonder.
7 hours ago in Art & Design
Icarus, Prometheus, Pandora: 10 Famous Contemporary Artworks Based on Myth
In these excerpts from Phaidon's newly released "Flying Too Close to the Sun," we examine the influ
1 hour ago in Art & Design
David Allan Peters' Carved Paintings Are Too Gratifying Not to Touch
4 reasons to collect the paintings of David Allan Peters.
4 hours ago in Art & Design
"Intuitive Intelligence Is the Highest Kind": Anish Kapoor on Spirituality and Intuition in Contemporary Art
A 1990 interview with sculptor Anish Kapoor about spirituality, space, and the problems with Abstra
4 hours ago in Art & Design
Are You Sitting on the Next Garage Sale Masterpiece?: 6 Fortunate Folks Who Unknowingly Found Famous Artworks
From a thrifted necklace that turned out to be a seminal sculptural work to a long-lost painting di
1 hour ago in Art & Design
Soak In Matthew Coleman's Underwater Photography
The first time Matthew did a shoot like this he found the result too weird. Now, a couple of years
4 hours ago in Art & Design
You Had Better Make Some Noise: 11 Inspiring Artist’s Quotes About Protest
Excerpted from Phaidon's new release of 100 quotes about protest, "You Had Better Make Some Noise."
1 hour ago in Art & Design
White Columns Director Matthew Higgs's Favorite Works from NADA New York 2017
The celebrated curator and director of White Columns shares his thoughts on his favorite works from
4 hours ago in Art & Design
The More the Merrier: 7 Group Shows to See in NYC Right Now
We noticed that there are a ton of group shows on view in New York at the moment. Here are six wort
7 hours ago in Art & Design
Harry Gesner's Cantilevered House Designs from the 1950s
On a recent trip to L.A. I stayed in the Hollywood Hills. My host drove me past this series of structures, which at first glance appeared to be a row
2 hours ago in Art & Design
Behind the Scenes with the Set Designers of "Isle of Dogs"
If you like seeing behind-the-scenes footage of environments and atmospheres being fabricated, here we have a real treat.
5 hours ago in Art & Design
Tools & Craft #93: The Argument for a Traditional Tail Vise
I built this workbench in the late 1980's. It serves me well and I have very few complaints. The design is basically the Frank Klausz bench that is de
5 hours ago in Art & Design
Urban Design Observations: What is This Thing For?
In front of store on Spring Street in lower Manhattan, we see this object.A hole has been bored into the side of it to admit a chain. The chain is att
5 hours ago in Art & Design
Urban Design Observations: Bollard Problems
These protective bollards have done their job of protecting the building. Two of them have taken direct hits. The height of the dents suggests a large
5 hours ago in Art & Design
FinalStraw: This Folding Metal Straw is Killing It on Kickstarter!
I understand that you don't want your smoothie messing up your moustache, but plastic drinking straws are stupid. They're not recyclable, and it's abs
5 hours ago in Art & Design
Steven M. Johnson's Bizarre Invention #82: The Truncate Taxi
5 hours ago in Art & Design
An Interview with Jonathan Ward, Founder of Icon (Part 2)
[If you missed Part 1 of this interview, it's here.]Jonathan Ward is talking about old-school custom car styling shops. "If you were a baller in the 1
2 hours ago in Art & Design
Announcing the A' Design Awards & Competition Winners
Each year, the A' Design Award & Competition calls upon designers worldwide to enter their best projects that focus on innovation, technology, design
7 hours ago in Art & Design
Why Diners? David Rockwell Reflects on Theme of His Milan Design Week Installation 
David Rockwell and Surface Magazine's The Diner installation was a crowd favorite at this year's Milan Design Week. Housed in the empty warehouses of
7 hours ago in Art & Design
Co-Creating Towards a Better Future: A Journey Through the 2018 Lexus Design Awards
During the madness that is Milan Design Week, Lexus gave the public a space to meditate and refocus their thoughts. Set this year in the Museo Naziona
2 hours ago in Art & Design
Advanced Bondo Tips for Designers and Modelmakers
Now that you've watched Part 1 and Part 2 of the Bondo tips series, here's Part 3, which industrial designer Eric Strebel has saved some seriously coo
7 hours ago in Art & Design
Urban Design Observations: What's Up With This Bike Lock?
On Elizabeth Street I passed these two bicycles and one moped shackled to a bike rack.The silver bike has had its seat stolen. The rust on the chain s
3 hours ago in Architecture
ian schrager + john pawson unveil imagery of west hollywood’s hottest luxury residences
slated for completion in late 2018, the residences at the west hollywood edition offer a curated selection of refined amenities. The post ian schrager
3 hours ago in Art
How Art Therapy Is Helping Children with Autism Express Themselves
Art therapists are working with children with autism spectrum disorder to help improve social skills, self-esteem, and emotional regulation.
3 hours ago in Art
Afro Beauty Brought to Life in Photographer Luke Nugent’s Lavish Hair Portraiture
British photographer Luke Nugent captures a wide range of style, beauty, and personal expression in his creative photo shoots, for which he often work
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