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2 hours ago in Art
Holly Frean adds a whimsical twist to the everyday
Holly Frean paints the imagined lives of Dutch and Spanish Old Masters with .....
5 hours ago in Art
La Sélection du Week-End n°274
[59 images] La Sélection du Week-End n°274 ! Et comme chaque semaine, voici une sélection de WTF, de cosplay retro, de pubs vintages, d’illustrations
6 hours ago in Art
Amusing Sausage-Shaped Pendant Lamps
So-sage est une collection de suspensions conçues par Sam Baron pour Petite Friture, un éditeur de design. En forme de saucisses suspendues dans une b
5 hours ago in Art
Fluctuating Selfhood
An exhibition at The Finnish Museum of Photography examines the shifting nature of identity. The post Fluctuating Selfhood appeared first on Aesthetic
6 hours ago in Art
100 Fiberglass and Resin Skulls Fill a Room at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne
Ron Mueck, an Australian artist known for his hyperrealistic figural sculptures, has created his largest work to date. His installation Mass contains
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3 days ago in Art
Yornel Martinez, 2017 Artist in Residence, Davidoff Art Initiative
4 days ago in Art
Untertage. Best of Visarte Zürich & Guests
5 days ago in Art
6 days ago in Art
Natalie Reusser: Charlie. Solo Exhibition at Balzer Projects, Basel
7 hours ago in Art
Colorfully Glazed “Donuts” Inspired by Pop Culture Are Expertly Crafted Ceramics
Whether it’s glittering galaxy glazes or adorable animal-inspired icing designs, it’s evident that donuts make the perfect shaped canvas for food-insp
7 hours ago in Art
People Are Awesome – Les vidéos les plus impressionnantes de l’année 2017 !
People Are Awesome est de retour avec une compilation Best Videos of 2017, regroupant les vidéos les plus impressionnantes de l’année ! Acrobaties, pa
7 hours ago in Art
Magnificent and Sweeping Views of the Alps
Plongez dans ces images somptueuses des Alpes, prises par le photographe polonais André Stummer. Actuellement basé en Suisse, Stummer profite de sa pr
8 hours ago in Architecture
Team Spirit by Eliška Kyselková: The Humor of Uniformity and the Exaggeration of Competition
London based photographer, Eliška Kyselková wanted to depict the "playful approach" to sports in her photographic series, Team Spirit. Inspired by
13 hours ago in Art
Haunting Images of Abandoned Medical Centres
Dans la série « Medical Center », le photographe français Ilan Benattar capture des images de centres médicaux abandonnés à travers l’Europe, qu’il a
19 hours ago in Art
Giveaway: Cold World Frozen Goods T-Shirts
22 hours ago in Art
The 20 Most Influential Artists of 2017
Artsy’s editors offer up our take on the 20 artists who in 2017 had an outsized impact on artistic production and culture at large.
22 hours ago in Art
Editor Pick: Jack Mears
Love this collection of ceramic dogs by artist Jack Mears. Discovered via our Submissions platform and selected as an Editor Pick. See more below.  
23 hours ago in Art
How to Be an Artist, According to Louise Bourgeois
“Art is not about art,” Louise Bourgeois once declared. “Art is about life, and that sums it up.”
23 hours ago in Art
Thrill-Seeking Photographer Describes What It’s Like to Be Inside an Active Volcano
#heavenandhell: 600 Meters inside this #volcano , I felt how wonderful, powerful and destructive #nature is. A #livechangingexperience for me, which t
23 hours ago in Art
Venice Biennale Artistic Director Announced—and the 9 Other Biggest News Stories This Week
Catch up on the latest art news with our rundown of the 10 stories you need to know this week.
yesterday in Art
The Artist Transporting Figures from Art History into Modern Life
At first glance, it’s easy to mistake Alexey Kondakov’s images for snapshots of contemporary life.
yesterday in Art
You’ll Always Have Paris When You Wear This Stylish Map Necklace
The famous line, “We’ll always have Paris,” is iconic for more than its inclusion in the classic film Casablanca. It also captures the feeling that yo
yesterday in Art
Artist Spotlight: Icy and Sot
Responding to issues of border control and the refugee crisis, Iranian artist duo Icy and Sot respond to issues of border control and the refugee cris
yesterday in Art
512-Year-Old Greenland Shark May Be the Oldest Living Vertebrate on Earth
A post shared by Julius Nielsen (@juniel85) on Jul 29, 2017 at 12:37pm PDT In a study recently published in Science, a group of researchers posited th
yesterday in Art
Illustrator Shows What Love Looks Like, Whether You’re in a Relationship or Not
Love is not one-size-fits-all. Despite what books and movies might show, it's about more than just grand gestures; this certain fondness doesn't even
yesterday in Art
Textural Expressions
Mika Yajima makes use of fibre as a material to create conceptual installations. We speak with the Tokyo-based artist to find out more. The post Textu
yesterday in Art
Limited Edition Asana Ground Chair by Mario Milana for Les Ateliers Courbet
A limited edition chair that's designed low to the ground in order to bring mental and physical balance.
yesterday in Art
A Beach House on the Mediterranean Coast by Laura Ortín Architecture
Located on the Mediterranean coast, this beach house was designed with simple materials and an offset roof for better views.
yesterday in Art
‘2017 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar’ Shares New NASA Photo Each Day Until Christmas
Alan Young of The Atlantic is keeping up his annual tradition of curating one of the most unique advent calendars of the season. For the past 10 years
yesterday in Art
Loupedeck Adds Tactile and Precise Lightroom Controls
A USB-accessory designed to bring tactile control to Adobe Lightroom editing by way of buttons, dials, and knobs.
yesterday in Art
Quirky New Felt Storybook Characters by ‘Cat Rabbit’
Textile artist Cat Rabbit (previously) continues to produce a variety of croissant-headed spindly-legged felt creatures, all made by hand in her Melbo
yesterday in Art
Study Answers: What Do Millennials Most Want in the Workplace?
A new survey shares results about what makes people happier at work and how companies can innovate to drive productivity.
yesterday in Art
Spectacular Watercolor Paintings Illustrate the Captivating Elegance of Cities Around the World
Chinese artist and avid traveler Kwan Yeuk Pang captures the world around him in a series of spectacular watercolor sketches. His use of desaturated c
yesterday in Art
Friday Five with Cindy Allen
This year marks 16 years as Editor in Chief of Interior Design magazine for Cindy Allen, and she shares what keeps her inspired.
yesterday in Art
Amazing High-Tech Backpack Design
Novel est un sac à dos technique conçus pour toute une generation de consommateurs créatifs. Developpé par Visvo, une équipe de concepteurs et designe
yesterday in Art
105 Exposures Stitched Together Reveal Ultra-High Res Photo of NYC From Night to Day
VAST photographer Dan Piech, who specializes in ultra-high resolution photography, shows us a different perspective of New York City. Capturing the sk
yesterday in Art
Social Environments
Hatje Cantz's new release, Koexistenzen, tracks Walter Niedermayr's fascination with the unique community of Fiemme Valley in South Tyrol. The post So
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