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11 hours ago in Architecture
The Celestial Beauty of Healing Stay KOSMOS
At first glance, Healing Stay KOSMOS looks like it came straight out of a science fiction movie where man, fleeing some global calamity in the dist..
14 hours ago in Art
Future Greats: Changing Environments
The Aesthetica Art Prize looks into themes from digital worlds. Peter Davis's shortlisted paintings assess people's relationship with technology. The
15 hours ago in Art
These Photos Made to Disconnect us from Reality
En mélangeant la 3D et des perspectives de photographie, le graphiste italien Michele Durazzi propose une série intitulé Was ist Metaphysik ?. Les pho
16 hours ago in Art
Degas’ Dancers: How Ballerinas Inspired the Iconic Impressionist Artist
No matter how many muses inspired them, certain Impressionist artists are associated with a single, signature subject. From Claude Monet‘s Water Lilie
18 hours ago in Art
15 Personalized Gifts That Can Make Any Occasion Special
If you're having trouble finding the perfect present, it's time to think outside the box. Rather than a run-of-the-mill readymade, why not make it per
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18 days ago in Art
Alexander Levy Gallery at Art Cologne 2018: Felix Kiessling and Julius von Bismarck
19 days ago in Art
Trailer: Season 9 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2018) | Art21
22 days ago in Art
Bacon – Giacometti at Fondation Beyeler
23 days ago in Art
VTV Classics (r3): Kunstmarkt TV Live and Interactive (2008)
18 hours ago in Art
Satisfying Geometric Flat-Lays
Basée à New Haven dans le Connecticut, Kristen Meyer manie l’art de la composition avec habilité. La designer assemble minutieusement des matériaux na
19 hours ago in Art
What Depictions of Medusa Say about the Way Society Views Powerful Women
The infamous Gorgon has evolved across millennia. In ancient Greece, Medusa had dragon’s scales; in 2016, she became an anti-Hillary Clinton meme.
19 hours ago in Art
Required Reading
This week, the man that helped launch black modernism in the US, considering Nobuyoshi Araki, crowdfunding as a political weapon, a reading list for m
20 hours ago in Art
A Poet’s Minecraft Romanticism
References to shadows, ghosts, and other “gothic” images in Nadia de Vries's debut poetry collection can be read as representing relationships experie
20 hours ago in Art
The All-Encompassing Cardi B
Invasion of Privacy sounds like another conventional rap album, before revealing Cardi B’s maniacal determination to be all things to everybody. The p
21 hours ago in Art
Nadia Haji Omar’s Multicultural Cartography
Omar brings together possibilities of allusion that the mainstream art establishment has yet to truly recognize. The post Nadia Haji Omar’s Multicultu
yesterday in Art
Tour a Technicolor Home That Radiates Good Vibes
The first thing you notice about this Manhattan Beach home is definitely the color. “The homeowners handed me a piece of multi-colored, geometric wall
yesterday in Art
Florencia Guerberof Has a Desire to Recreate the Drama ...
Florencia Guerberof's finely rendered artworks are inspired by the drama of ...
yesterday in Art
Soulful Portrait Project Captures Diverse Faces Around the World
After spending 30 years traveling around the world, Belgian photographer Serge Anton has certainly seen a lot of faces. Intrigued by the nuanced, soul
yesterday in Art
Armed with Hindsight
So one question I have not heard you answer is, do you believe that the previous interrogation techniques were immoral? The post Armed with Hindsight
yesterday in Art
Daniel Hesidence’s Views of an Imaginary Landscape
Hesidence masterfully balances information and aesthetic pleasure to produce a joy that should not be taken lightly. The post Daniel Hesidence’s View
yesterday in Art
Moleskine Unveils Luxury Line of Notebooks for Different Types of Artists
Whether you’re a writer, an artist, or a musician, having the proper stationery can be vital when planning out your creative ideas and experiments. An
yesterday in Art
Art and the Ascent of the Third Reich
By returning to the details of life embedded in bodies, objects, and the earth, the artists featured in Before the Fall at Neue Galerie conveyed the h
yesterday in Art
Judy Linn’s Rigorous Geometry
Linn has a knack for noticing the odd and unexpected in everyday life, and seems to have her camera with her at all times. The post Judy Linn’s Rigoro
yesterday in Art
Future Greats: Imaginative Installation
From interactive spaces to emotive machines, this year’s Aesthetica Art Prize shortlist is rich in the possibilities of installation art. The post Fu
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