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3 hours ago in Business
The lesson behind 2017’s biggest enterprise security story
GUEST: The Equifax breach, which impacted an estimated 145.5 million U.S. consumers, was in many ways the enterprise security story of 2017. That’s wh..
5 hours ago in Business
Accenture aims to take AR and VR commerce into the mainstream
Virtual reality may be stalled with consumers, but it might be catching on with enterprises. That’s one of the messages delivered recently by the “ext
9 hours ago in Business
The 9 best Star Wars virtual reality experiences
Science fiction and virtual reality go together like medieval fantasy and LARPing. Two intergalactic peas in a space pod, if you will. So naturally, t
14 hours ago in Business
Bigscreen’s ‘Big Rooms’ update shares your desktop with dozens in VR
A new “Big Rooms” update to desktop sharing app Bigscreen will allow a host to share their computer screen with dozens of people in VR. Since it launc
15 hours ago in Business
Facebook defends itself against social media critics
(Reuters) — Facebook Inc on Friday struck back against scientific researchers and tech industry insiders who have criticized the world’s biggest socia
17 hours ago in Business
Will 2017 ever end? GamesBeat Decides
GamesBeat Decides hosts Jeffrey Grubb and Mike Minotti pop in for a quick catch up. The crew is busy picking the best games of the year, so that means
19 hours ago in Business
What’s next for net neutrality, and how you can help
Defying the facts, the law, and the will of millions of Americans, the Federal Communications Commission has voted to repeal net neutrality protection
20 hours ago in Business
Google Maps gets step-by-step navigation for bus and train riders
Google announced today in a blog post that Google Maps can now give step-by-step instructions to public transportation riders getting around on the bu
20 hours ago in Business
5 best practices for implementing voice marketing in 2018
GUEST: Hey Alexa, play some music. Ok, Google, turn on the lights. Five years ago, these commands would have made no sense. But for the past two and a
21 hours ago in Business
Overwatch League’s success could remake esports
GUEST: For years, esports has developed and grown organically and without much structure, a real Wild West of teams and leagues and sponsors. Game pub
22 hours ago in Business
Decentraland shows the potential of blockchain and VR combined
GUEST: Blockchain-based virtual reality universe Decentraland is holding its first property auction today. The virtual world is a social space linked
22 hours ago in Business
Harnessing data from driverless cars to improve transportation
GUEST: Self-driving cars were once thought of as a far-off, and maybe even impossible, concept, but they’re here now. At the end of November, General
22 hours ago in Business
Celebrate The Last Jedi with some Star Wars gaming deals and new content
Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now out in theaters. Many of you will be coming home with a hunger for more Star Wars. Luckily, you’ll be able to find a l
23 hours ago in Business
Google launches ARCore Developer Preview 2, will kill Tango on March 1
Google today launched ARCore Developer Preview 2, which you can download now from and use to create AR experiences on Android
23 hours ago in Business
Riot takes its League of Legends knowledge to after-school coding program
Riot Games is bringing its game design experience to something beyond its smash hit multiplayer online battle arena League of Legends. It has partnere
yesterday in Business
Grinch bots are out to spoil the holidays
GUEST: Imagine a $14.99 Fingerling — an innocent little monkey toy and one of the most in-demand gifts of 2017 — selling for hundreds of dollars on eB
yesterday in Business
Apple delays iTunes for Microsoft Store, doesn’t give new timeframe
Unfortunately, Windows 10 S users and Windows 10 users who rely solely upon the Microsoft Store will have to wait a little longer for iTunes to arrive
yesterday in Business
Fortnite gets holiday event — and new in-game spending in Battle Royale mode
We’re amid the gift-giving holidays, and it’s time to celebrate with decorations, good cheer, and crass consumerism. Epic Games is doing its part to d
yesterday in Business
Phil Fish made a ‘pretty f***ing cool’ interface for Analogue’s Super Nintendo hardware
Fez and Super Hypercube designer Phil Fish specializes in a retro-futuristic visual design that is apparent in his interfaces, but now Fish has taken
yesterday in Business
How CA Technologies is brewing startups within a big enterprise
I first met Otto Berkes when he was one of the founders of Microsoft’s Xbox team, alongside three other crazy Microsoft colleagues. They hatched a cra
yesterday in Business
ProBeat: Net neutrality is not dead
OPINION: The U.S. Federal Communications Commission screwed up royally yesterday by repealing net neutrality in the U.S.. Those rules, which aimed to
yesterday in Business
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sells 1 million Xbox One copies in 3 days
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been a sensation on PC, and its success is transferring to the console market. Microsoft revealed on its Xbox Wire s
yesterday in Business
How Phil Rosedale will use blockchain to power the Metaverse
High Fidelity recently unveiled Avatar Island, a virtual reality domain where users can buy and sell items based on a blockchain service. Philip Rosed
yesterday in Business
Apple hints at new Mac Pro and Pro Display as iMac Pro launches
Performance-demanding professionals are no longer Apple’s largest customer base, but with yesterday’s launch of the new iMac Pro, power users can now
yesterday in Business
Facebook launches snooze button so you can hide annoying friends for 30 days
Everyone has a Facebook friend they find annoying, whether because they post terrible dad jokes, spout political nonsense, or simply have dissimilar v
yesterday in Business
The DeanBeat: How Canada’s game industry is thriving, one Cuphead at a time
I spent a few days at the Montreal International Game Summit this week, where 2,600 game developers gathered to talk shop. It was, once again, a good
yesterday in Entrepreneurship
Where Are Savvy Business Owners Planning to Spend Their Money Next Year?
A recent study uncovers interesting differences between businesses that are in “maintenance” mode versus those that are focused on growth. The post Wh
yesterday in Business
BlackBerry will kill its app store at the end of 2019, support BB10 for ‘at least two’ more years
BlackBerry is finally sharing plans for its legacy software and services. The BlackBerry World app store is going away on December 31, 2019; the Black
yesterday in Business
Bay Area transplants are earning more than ever before
Stories about how unaffordable San Francisco has become are virtually inescapable, and it may seem like fewer and fewer people are willing to try thei
yesterday in Entrepreneurship
5 Business Resolutions Every Entrepreneur Should Make for the New Year
It's time to plan how you'll make the upcoming year the best ever for your business. We offer five New Year's resolutions for business owners that are
yesterday in Business
Alphabet’s X uses light beams from rooftop boxes to bring internet to Indian homes
More than four years after first unveiling ambitious plans to deliver internet access to remote locations using balloons, Google’s parent company, Alp
yesterday in Business
India’s import tax hike on electronics could hurt Apple most
(Reuters) — India has increased the import tax on dozens of electronic products such as mobile phones and television sets, a government statement said
yesterday in Business
Cuphead’s creators get back to normal after their colossal — and exhausting — year
SPONSORED: Presented by Intel For StudioMDHR, life is anything but normal. And the Moldenhauer brothers might be the happiest people in the world righ
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