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2 hours ago in Business
Realm Royale joins the Battle Pass parade
The premium progression pass is coming to the latest hot battle royale shooter. Realm Royale, which combines hero powers with last-player standing gam..
3 hours ago in Business
Steam puts adult games on hold as it preps a new tool
Valve Software wants to let every game on Steam as long it isn’t illegal or trolling. That means adult-themed content is welcome on the platform. The
3 hours ago in Business
Lonely Planet adopts What3words geocoded addresses to find places using just 3 words
Today, What3words announced that one of the world's most recognizable travel guide brands, Lonely Planet, will now be using its system to convey attra
5 hours ago in Business
IBM researchers train AI to follow code of ethics
GUEST: In recent years, artificial intelligence algorithms have become very good at recommending content to users — a bit too good, you might say. Tec
6 hours ago in Business
SmartNews app reaches 10 million monthly users as it counters fake news
EXCLUSIVE: SmartNews said it has reached more than 10 million monthly active users in the U.S. and Japan for its news discovery experience that is cur
6 hours ago in Business
Instapaper is independent again 2 years after Pinterest acquisition
Bookmarking service Instapaper is unpinning itself from Pinterest, two years after being acquired by the social media giant. In a blog post, the Insta
7 hours ago in Business
Danger Zone 2 gets the depth players wanted the first time around
Three Fields Entertainment is already back with its third game after launching Dangerous Golf and Danger Zone last year. This time it’s Danger Zone 2,
7 hours ago in Business
AR demos keep showing cool tech that just isn’t practical
New augmented reality announcements and demos now surface every day, but almost every piece of AR news suffers from the same issue: no matter how cool
8 hours ago in Business
Google researchers create AI that maps the brain’s neurons
Google researchers, in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, have developed a neural network that maps neurons inside the brain
9 hours ago in Business
How Illinois universities are getting more students interested in STEM careers
GUEST: States around the U.S. face a pressing challenge: where to find the talent to fill 500,000 new STEM jobs in the next decade. To meet this need,
9 hours ago in Business
Apple promises 70 new emoji in 2018, such as superheroes, hair, and food
Apple will add over 70 new emoji to its 2018 operating system releases, enabling iOS 12, macOS Mojave, and watchOS 5 users to further customize the ha
9 hours ago in Business
Kairos wants to stop cryptocurrency theft with facial recognition software
EXCLUSIVE: Facial recognition company Kairos today announced the release of the Kairos Protocol, a biometrics verification system for cryptocurrency t
10 hours ago in Business
Uncharted fan film proves Nathan Fillion is perfect as Nathan Drake
A movie based on Naughty Dog’s hit Uncharted series (think like a flashier adaptation of Indiana Jones in game form) has been in and out of developmen
10 hours ago in Business
Octopath Traveler shows how Nintendo Switch could be a JRPG beast
OPINION: I love playing Japanese role-playing games, but I rarely play them on a TV or computer. Portable systems have spoiled me. Yes, I’m still play
11 hours ago in Business
Samsung promises secure 3.5GHz gear for South Korea’s December 5G launch
Samsung announced it will have both 3.5GHz and 28GHz hardware ready in time for South Korea's launch of next-generation 5G networks: initial 5G transm
11 hours ago in Business
Klang Games raises $8.95 million for space colony online simulation
Klang Games, a Berlin-based game development studio, has raised $8.95 million in funding to support Seed, an artificial intelligence-driven massively
11 hours ago in Business
Microsoft’s AI for Earth Innovation Grant gives data scientists access to AI tools
Microsoft is teaming up with National Geographic to launch the AI for Earth Innovation Grant, an initiative that'll provide researchers access to AI d
11 hours ago in Business
Why rock star chip architect Jim Keller finally decided to work for Intel
In Silicon Valley, we take things like faster chips and Moore’s law for granted. It seems like progress is always inevitable, given the history of sem
12 hours ago in Business
Amazon AI predicts users’ musical tastes based on playback duration
Researchers at Amazon have developed a method that uses playback duration and an AI model to predict musical taste.
13 hours ago in Business
KPMG: Tech CEOs fear ‘return to territorialism’ as risk for growth
The majority of technology CEOs surveyed globally (54 percent) believe that a “return to territorialism” is the greatest risk to their growth, accordi
13 hours ago in Business
AdHive launches AI-powered platform to promote ICOs
EXCLUSIVE: Regardless of the buzz around ICOs and other blockchain token generation events, one thing remains true. If you want people to invest in yo
13 hours ago in Business
Apple won’t repair 2016-2017 MacBook Pros with ‘quieter’ 2018 keyboard
Apple may have fixed the MacBook Pro’s lawsuit-inspiring keyboard in its just-released 2018 model, but it will keep repairing defective 2016 and 2017
13 hours ago in Business
Digital Surgery’s AI platform guides surgical teams through complex procedures
EXCLUSIVE: Digital Surgery's AI platform helps to guide surgical teams through complex medical procedures with audio and visual cues.
13 hours ago in Business
Indianapolis’ HighAlpha raises over $100 million for its enterprise software-focused ‘venture studio’
High Alpha, a self-described “venture studio” based in Indianapolis, today announced it has raised more than $100 million to fund new enterprise softw
14 hours ago in Entrepreneurship
How to Benefit From Customer Complaints
Customer complaints can actually help your business improve—if you know how to use them correctly. Follow these steps to learn from customer complaint
14 hours ago in Entrepreneurship
4 Lessons This Innovative Dating App Can Teach Any Entrepreneur
Bumble, an online dating app, has proven innovative in its own industry. But no matter what field you're in, you can learn a thing or four from this c
14 hours ago in Entrepreneurship
Measuring the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing—It’s Easier Than You Think
If you’re like most businesses today, you’re involved in social media marketing, but do you know if you’re generating any kind of return on your inves
14 hours ago in Entrepreneurship
4 Steps to a Basic Marketing Budget
If you want your marketing efforts to be successful, your small business needs a marketing budget. Here are some tips and tricks to get started. The p
15 hours ago in Business
5 things to know as EU readies massive Android antritrust fine against Google
More than one year after the European Union hit Google with a record $2.72 billion antitrust fine over search engine abuses, regulators are reportedly
15 hours ago in Business
AI drug discovery startup Verge Genomics raises $32 million
Silicon Valley startup Verge Genomics, which uses AI to accelerate drug discovery, has raised $32 million in a funding round.
17 hours ago in Business
China’s ZTE stock surges after U.S. lifts supplier ban
(Reuters) — Investors on Monday cheered the lifting of a U.S. supplier ban on China’s ZTE, pushing its shares up 17 percent, though analysts cautioned
21 hours ago in Entrepreneurship
Autonomous electric ferry can be called like an elevator
The world’s first electric, autonomous ferry is being tested in Norway in the hope it will end the need for expensive bridges over rivers and canals.T
21 hours ago in Entrepreneurship
Chicago coffee shop supports positive mental health
Charity partners and a local coffee supplier have created a coffee shop dedicated to providing a safe space for information and support on mental heal
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