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1 hour ago in Entrepreneurship
3D printed bike tires are flexible and customizable
Flexible tires made from a thermoplastic elastomer can be 3D printed and customized for varying cycling needs. The post 3D printed bike tires are fle..
2 hours ago in Entrepreneurship
Edible lab-grown fish protects sea life
Startup uses cellular biology to create lab-grown fish for a truly sustainable food chain. The post Edible lab-grown fish protects sea life appeared
2 hours ago in Entrepreneurship
Graphene makes concrete stronger and greener
By incorporating graphene into concrete, scientists have created a stronger and more sustainable water-resistant material. The post Graphene makes co
5 hours ago in Business
Microsoft acquires conversational AI startup Semantic Machines
Microsoft today announced it has acquired Semantic Machines to bolster its conversational AI offerings like Cortana, the Azure Bot Service, and Micros
5 hours ago in Business
Valve’s SteamVR Input enables alternate control schemes in VR
Valve is putting accessibility right at the heart of controlling VR with the launch of a new feature today named SteamVR Input. In supporting a wide r
8 hours ago in Business
Nvidia is training robots to learn from watching humans
Nvidia has developed a method to train robots how to carry out actions by first watching human activity. In initial applications, robots learned to pi
8 hours ago in Business
Xbox Live is down during State of Decay 2 Early Access
You may have trouble getting games and services working on your Xbox One, PC, or other devices that rely on Xbox Live today. Microsoft has confirmed t
9 hours ago in Business
Red’s Hydrogen One phone puts holograms in your pocket
Soon you won’t need flimsy red-and-blue glasses to enjoy 3D movies. Red Digital Cinema Camera Company is distilling its Hollywood know-how into someth
12 hours ago in Business
As machine learning evolves, we need to update the definition of ‘data scientist’
GUEST: In the early days of machine learning, hiring good statisticians was the key challenge for AI projects. Now, machine learning has evolved from
14 hours ago in Business
Demystifying GDPR: Separating fact from fiction
GUEST: GDPR has a serious PR problem. From the dominating narrative surrounding this impending law, you would think it’s ominously looming over organi
17 hours ago in Business
VR developers: Stop shipping glitchy, half-baked games
OPINION: On the 1-10 spectrum of “game developers should be able to sell completely broken demos” to “every game should be thoroughly vetted before re
20 hours ago in Business
Sensor Bounds shows your tracking volume while you’re inside VR
Having issues getting the most out of your Oculus Rift tracking? Finding dead spots but don’t know how to solve them? H2K Studios has just the thing f
yesterday in Business
Tvori 0.3 update adds sound to its VR animation toolset
Though it may not be as popular as Tilt Brush, Blocks, or Oculus Medium, Tvori remains one of VR’s most versatile and best art apps, enabling you to c
yesterday in Business
What Elon Musk got wrong about the music industry
GUEST: This week, Elon Musk weighed in on a much debated question: Are artists getting ripped off by big streaming services such as Spotify and Apple
yesterday in Business
Mobile AR is evolving faster than you think
GUEST: With both ARKit and ARCore available to the public, augmented reality is now enabled on over 500 million devices. There are over 2,000 AR apps
yesterday in Business
Why you should invest in Fresno and the Central Valley
GUEST: As CEO of a startup, I’ve participated in several different accelerator programs — Boomtown in Boulder, Colorado, The Brandery in Cincinnati, O
yesterday in Business
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 hands-on — Multiplayer first impressions and videos
Game publisher Activision and developer Treyarch took the wraps off Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in a reveal event at a sprawling aircraft hangar on Thur
yesterday in Business
What is WPA3, why does it matter, and when can you expect it?
WPA3, the newest security protocol from the Wi-Fi Alliance, improves on the outgoing WPA2 in four key ways. Here's what you need to know.
yesterday in Business
Why your next phone might be on your face or wrist, not in your pocket
ANALYSIS: In the course of covering Apple, VR, and 5G for VentureBeat, I digest lots of small data points every day. Some of them arrive as complete s
yesterday in Business
Compound is an Wolfenstein 3D-style shooter in VR
When people say VR is still in the PlayStation-era, they usually mean it figuratively; developers are still working out the language of this new mediu
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