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3 hours ago in Culture
It’s a Miracurl! USA’s Curling Team Celebrates Historic Win With Some Journey Karaoke
If somebody randomly asks you what curling and The Sopranos have in common, we’re pleased to say you no longer have to gulp and resp..
5 hours ago in Culture
These Jimmy Kimmel Guests Think Wakanda Is a Real Country With Real Crises
Should the United States be involved with all of the problems in Wakanda right now? And should Donald Trump just end his Twitter feu
7 hours ago in Culture
Notting Hill’s Emma Chambers Dead at 53
Emma Chambers, who’s perhaps best known for her role in the beloved 1999 romantic comedy Notting Hill, has died at the age of 53. De
7 hours ago in Culture
Man in Tutu and Monkey Penis Pouch Bravely Makes Olympic Debut
The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang have been a showcase of truly remarkable athleticism, grit, endurance, and sportsmanship. Bu
7 hours ago in Culture
Saoirse Ronan’s First Oscars Was Marred by a George Clooney Dress Altercation
Sir Shaw! Our Lady Bird goddess divine will be attending her third Oscars next weekend, which has her doing a little reminiscing abo
8 hours ago in Culture
Lorde Finally Speaks Out About Those Jack Antonoff Dating Rumors
Lately we’ve been wondering: What exactly is the deal between Lorde and Lena Dunham’s ex Jack Antonoff? There have been rumors about
8 hours ago in Culture
The Lady Bird House Is Being Constantly Bombarded by Greta Gerwig Enthusiasts
First there was Psycho. Then there was Home Alone. Now, Lady Bird. One could reasonably argue that when somebody makes a pilgrimage
9 hours ago in Art
Rulers Who Neither See, Nor Feel, Nor Know
Clinging leech-like to their fainting countries. The post Rulers Who Neither See, Nor Feel, Nor Know appeared first on Hyperallergic.
9 hours ago in Culture
Parks and Rec’s Natalie Morales Reunites With Mike Schur for a Modern Day Cheers
And with that, the Mike Schur TV Universe expands into yet another solar system. Natalie Morales, who you probably remember as Tom H
10 hours ago in Culture
Link About It: This Week's Picks: Paint made from bacteria, ping pong at the New York Philharmonic, art fairs, rockets and more
1. "Black Panther" Pays Homage to Several African Cultures Marvel's "Black Panther" costume designers Ruth Carter and Hannah Beachler pay homage to se
10 hours ago in Art
Electronica Against Trump
Whether as respite, inspiration, distraction, or candy, music carries political utility simply by tapping the social value of pleasure. The post Elect
11 hours ago in Art
Eileen Myles’s Homage to Man’s Best Friend
Afterglow is written in part from the perspective of the poet's pit bull, Rosie. The post Eileen Myles’s Homage to Man’s Best Friend appeared first on
11 hours ago in Art & Design
Gregory Jacobsen's Visions of Grotesquerie
Flags in butts, drippy cunts, shit beaks, and fleshy chunks of meat caught in seemingly intimate moments: these are the images Chicago artist and musi
12 hours ago in Art
Peter Hujar’s Elegy for New York City in the 1980s
Hujar’s photographs document the effervescent creative spirit that pulsed through the East Village as the AIDS crisis unfolded. The post Peter Hujar’s
13 hours ago in Art & Design
Did Trump just… make fun of himself in public?
Okay, this is a bit unexpected. Trump isn’t exactly the most self-deprecating kind of guy, in fact, he loves himself so much that the idea of him taki
19 hours ago in Culture
Your 10 Weekend Treats: The OZY Highlights Reel
From fashion in Vietnam to the Middle East's next Marvel, here's the best of OZY this week.
20 hours ago in Culture
Olympian Gus Kenworthy Posts About His Trip to a South Korean Dog Farm, Takes Home a Puppy
This year’s Olympics in Pyeongchang mark the second Winter Games freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy took home more than a medal. After re
21 hours ago in Culture
The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Movie Actually Sounds Pretty Good
Cheetos are headed to the big screen, and it’s not an animated movie starring Chester Cheetah. In what Variety terms a “highly compe
21 hours ago in Culture
Stephen King’s The Bone Church Is Potentially Headed to a TV Near You (The TV Is Also Bones)
We as a society are dead-set on wringing every last word from author Stephen King, like he’s a horror-writing orange with a fun Twit
23 hours ago in Art & Design
These Aussie lifesaving legends are passing their skills onto their Sri Lankan counterparts
Victoria’s surf coast recently hosted an all-female team of Sri Lankan lifesavers for an educational program designed to develop the culture of water
23 hours ago in Culture
New Best F(r)iends Trailer: Can Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Out-The Room The Room?
It’s hard to up the ante (down the ante?) on the worst movie ever made, but goddamnit, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are gonna try.
yesterday in Culture
HBO’s New Paterno Trailer: Al Pacino vs. The Truth
In 2011, legendary Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno was dismissed from his position after it emerged that his former assis
yesterday in Culture
Dancing to Heal the Wounds of Civil War in Syria
For Ahmad Joudeh, growing up in Syria meant exposure to a brutal civil war that’s left deep physical and psychological scars.
yesterday in Culture
How the Undocumented Youth Movement is Changing America
DREAMers are part of the American fabric. They’re young, speak English, and grew up in American schools. Many don’t know they’re undocumented until th
yesterday in Culture
Stop The Bulls**t, Guns Kill People
The statistics are startling. They’ve been startling for years. Last year, America saw the most mass shootings in it’s history. If the first two month
yesterday in Art
Delicate and Detailed Paper Sculptures by Chinese Migrants Detained in the US
An exhibition at the Museum of Chinese in America chronicles the tragedy of the Golden Venture, a ship carrying 286 undocumented immigrants from China
yesterday in Art
A Giant Robot Artwork Built to Bend Over Border Walls
Chico MacMurtie’s border-crossing robot serves a poetic and political function. The post A Giant Robot Artwork Built to Bend Over Border Walls appeare
yesterday in Art & Design
Interview: Abby Portner's Visual Experience at House of Vans
To anyone who grew up in the last 20 years, there is a huge chance that you've been consciously or unconsciously exposed to Abby Portner's work. Wheth
yesterday in Culture
McMafia Is Just OK
The opening credits of the crime drama McMafia tell you what you’re in for. They also tell you what’s most compelling about the seri
yesterday in Culture
Black Panther Just Had the Biggest Opening Week of Any Marvel Movie
Black Panther is set to continue its box-office domination going into the movie’s second weekend. After having the best first week o
yesterday in Culture
Black Panther’s Costume Designer on 8 of the Film’s Iconic Looks
When you think of Wakanda, the futuristic African country that is the setting of Ryan Coogler’s smash-hit superhero movie Black Pant
yesterday in Culture
"Bob Greenberg Selects" at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum: A master of design's concise exhibition highlights special pieces from the collection
To know the work of Bob Greenberg—founder and chief executive of advertising and design agency R/GA—is to understand the full scope of his genius. A g
yesterday in Art
Artists Build a Lush Landscape Where Diversity Takes Root
In this lush setting where water lilies grow, multiple races, sexualities, classes, and desires can coexist. The post Artists Build a Lush Landscape W
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