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4 hours ago in Art
Pussy Riot Crashes World Cup Final, Makes Six Demands
For 25 seconds, Pussy Riot disrupted the World Cup in one of their most daring protests in years. The post Pussy Riot Crashes World Cup Final, Makes S..
3 hours ago in Art & Design
LA-based gourmet chocolatier has created an avocado toast chocolate bar, and we want to sample it
Avocado toast chocolate. At first, I thought – no. Then I thought – why? Now, after reading far too many articles on the subject, the desire to sample
4 hours ago in Art & Design
KOAK: Bodies in Muse and Motion
I’ll be honest, the whole “artist and muse” relationship is a little irksome. Wander the halls of any museum and you find countless classical portrait
5 hours ago in Art
New York’s Newest LGBTQ Memorial Honors the Victims of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting
Anthony Goicolea's Memorial in Hudson River Park is New York state’s official monument honoring the LGBTQ community. The post New York’s Newest LGBTQ
5 hours ago in Art
A New Biopic on Gauguin in Tahiti Paints a Skewed Portrait
Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti maneuvers around its subject's more questionable actions by pretending they don't exist. The post A New Biopic on Gauguin in
6 hours ago in Art
Your New York Library Card Will Now Allow You Access to 33 City Museums
A new initiative encourages New Yorkers to use their library cards to get in free to museums across the city. The post Your New York Library Card Will
6 hours ago in Culture
High-Quality Custom Shirts and Suits by Black Lapel: From exquisite silhouettes to premium materials at affordable prices, all done online
The difference between off-the-rack and custom suits and shirts cannot be further. Everything from one's shape to style bears the brunt of this differ
7 hours ago in Art & Design
A Room Study: A Conversation with Loribelle Spirovski
Following the success of her recent milestone international debut with Guy Hepner Gallery in NYC, Loribelle Spirovski will be opening a solo exhibitio
7 hours ago in Art & Design
Sound and Vision: Stanley Donwood on the Making of Radiohead's "The Bends" Cover Art
7 hours ago in Art
Dalí Foundation Sues Yet Another Dalí Museum, and the Outcome Is Unpredictable
The Dalí Foundation has their sights on the Monterey museum devoted to the Spanish Surrealist and unlike the case in Spain, which the foundation lost,
8 hours ago in Culture
ListenUp: Third Eye Blind: Joke (Chastity Belt Cover)
Teetering on some strange, beautiful line between '90s radio-rock familiarity and the indie ethos of today, "Joke" sees Third Eye Blind reveal the fir
9 hours ago in Art & Design
Louis Carreon Examines The Existential Role of Google in His New Show "Church + State"
Hamilton Selway in Los Angeles is opening a new solo show titled, Church + State, a series of over two dozen new mixed-medium paintings by Louis Carre
11 hours ago in Culture
Link About It: The Disappearance of the Middle Child in America
In the '70s, the most common family unit in America featured four children, according to a Pew Research Center study from 1976. At that time, only 24%
11 hours ago in Culture
Link About It: NYC Expands the Role of the Library Card
Three library card systems divide New York City: the New York Public Library (for Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx, the Queens Library and the B
11 hours ago in Culture
Snarkitecture's "Fun House" at the National Building Museum, DC: After a decade working together, a comprehensive museum exhibition for the experimental designers
Design practice Snarkitecture has succeeded in a way most artists can only dream. Their work, always wildly different from project to project, undenia
11 hours ago in Culture
Sweet + Spicy Nono Sauce from Pharrell's Williams Family Kitchen: A debut product from the Dean & DeLuca-produced brand, from a recipe by the iconic musician's father
Many of the best recipes aren't in cookbooks. They exist in the minds of loved ones and they're often tossed together without much consideration, pull
12 hours ago in Art
Saraceno: Future Cities
Tomás Saraceno is known for examining the crossroads of art, science and architecture. A new presentation offers a multisensory arena. The post Sarac
12 hours ago in Art
Discerning Eye: Women in the Arts
Fashion designer and artist Sadie Clayton, one of 2018’s ING Discerning Eye selectors, discusses the importance of the initiative. The post Discerning
12 hours ago in Culture
Star Wars News: Look Out for Billy Dee Williams in 'Star Wars: Episode IX'
The actor has reportedly signed on to join J.J. Abrams' next 'Star Wars' movie.
12 hours ago in Art
When I Stopped Taking Art-Related Jobs
A few months ago, I decided to stop taking art-related day jobs and found a warehouse to work at instead. The post When I Stopped Taking Art-Related J
13 hours ago in Art
Haunting Oppressors as a Decolonial Strategy of Resistance
At Alice Gallery, indigenous and Asian Pacific American artists channel their ancestors. Because if there’s one thing ghosts have going for them, it’s
14 hours ago in Art
Illusory Arenas
Georges Rousse's practice occupies the intersection between photography, painting and architecture, creating otherworldly scenes. The post Illusory Ar
15 hours ago in Art
Composer Ryuichi Sakamoto Reflects on His Life, Work, and Battle with Cancer
In light of a new documentary on the composer, Sakamoto shares what compels him to write music and the influence of film on his work. The post Compose
16 hours ago in Art & Design
The Surrealist Paintings of Roby Dwi Antono
Roby Dwi Antono currently lives and work as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer in Yogyakarta. Antono's work is heavily influenced by masters
18 hours ago in Culture
Inside the Yelp-Google Struggle
Jeremy Stoppelman has fought a long battle with Google to protect his startup, and it hasn't gone well.
18 hours ago in Culture
Is It Time to Make Sports Gender-Neutral? We Asked, You Answered
We asked whether sports should become gender-neutral. Here's what you had to say.
18 hours ago in Culture
Who Was Behind Africa’s First Coup?
The first military coup in newly independent Africa occurred in Togo. The shadow of that insurrection still hangs over the country.
18 hours ago in Culture
Tiny Togo Conquered Elephantiasis
Togo is the first African nation to eliminate the dreaded disease, one of the world's most common physical disabilities.
18 hours ago in Culture
In Venezuela, Doctors Are Out, and Witches Are In
Hermano Guayanés uses the powers of herbs and spirits to cure his patients when they have given up on doctors.
18 hours ago in Culture
Tomorrow's Togo: A World Leader in E-Waste?
The tiny West African nation is emerging as an unlikely leader in turning e-waste into low-cost computers, printers and robots.
18 hours ago in Culture
Double Duty: A WNBA Star Turns to Broadcasting
Chiney Ogwumike refuses to let injuries, underrepresentation or an endless workday derail her life as a basketball businesswoman.
18 hours ago in Culture
This Toilet-Themed Restaurant Is Not for the Faint of Stomach
With menu items like explosive diarrhea curry, consider visiting this Taiwan eatery for the experience, not the cuisine.
yesterday in Art & Design
Sharks For Sale! Not Real Sharks. Lorien Stern's Delightful Ceramic Sharks
Lorien Stern is offering folks a chance to own some of her signature sharks until July 16th, 2018 at 11:59PST. We featured Lorien back in September, a
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