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20 hours ago in Culture
Netflix Is Eyeing George Clooney-Produced Watergate Series
If you can’t get enough of the debate over how the current administration compares to President Nixon’s, Netflix might just have the..
7 hours ago in Culture
Link About It: This Week's Picks: From flushable pregnancy tests to pizza awards and more, our look around the internet
1. New Art Books for Kids The team at Artsy has put together a list of 11 new art books for children—that adults will certainly enjoy too. From biogra
23 hours ago in Culture
Elegant, Powerful Airmega HEPA Air Purifiers: Well-sized, app-connected appliances for cleaner breathing
In the quest for air purification at home, one has to shuffle through a lot of products before finding something that actually works well and looks go
45 minutes ago in Art & Design
This app lets you network while waiting for a flight, changing the airport experience forever
That guy at the water fountain could be your next big investor. In what looks like a cross between business social network LinkedIn and dating app Hap
6 hours ago in Art
Fluctuating Selfhood
An exhibition at The Finnish Museum of Photography examines the shifting nature of identity. The post Fluctuating Selfhood appeared first on Aesthetic
9 hours ago in Art & Design
Helen of Koi's Playful Narrative World
Helen Li--AKA Helen of Koi--creates illustrations that depict a human world where everything is just a little bit off, but in the most playful, colorf
21 hours ago in Art & Design
MEAR ONE's New Prints Available Now
Planet X is MEAR ONE’s newest work narrating the mythological gumbo of global mythology that predates written history. Now available as a 24x30" gicle
22 hours ago in Art & Design
Adidas Skateboarding “Purple Na-Kel” Matchcourt High RX
23 hours ago in Culture
Grab Your Limes, the First Teaser for PBS’s Little Women Mini-Series Is Here
Get your Marmee on the phone. PBS has released the first teaser for its Masterpiece Theater treatment of the Louisa May Alcott class
23 hours ago in Culture
Wasteland: How a Gas Leak in Oklahoma Led to a Family Tragedy
Sherry Walls should be able to turn on her gas heater to combat the stinging cold of winter without worrying that she might blow up her house. Her hom
23 hours ago in Culture
11,000 People Have Demanded the Met Remove This Painting. They Aren’t Going To. Nor Should They.
A petition containing over 11,000 signatures has surfaced demanding that the Metropolitan Museum of Art remove a painting by the fam
yesterday in Culture
On The Tequila Herradura Express From Guadalajara: Sipping cocktails on a luxury train passing through fields of agave into the heart of Jalisco
With a golden sun rising in the horizon, guests walk through an uncommonly quiet train station (for a bustling Mexican city) and onto a platform dedic
yesterday in Art & Design
You can eat naked in this Parisian restaurant, and suddenly we aren’t hungry anymore
Have you ever wanted to dine in the nude in public? Really? Well, now you can! Imagine this. You’ve swiped right on Tinder, it all seems to be going w
yesterday in Culture
Tavis Smiley’s MLK Book Stage Adaptation Suspended Amid Sexual-Harassment Accusations
The 40-city tour of a stage adaptation of Tavis Smiley’s Martin Luther King Jr. book, Death of a King, has been suspended, according
yesterday in Culture
The Last Jedi Is the Most Populist Star Wars Movie Yet
Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi below.Spare a thought for the Caretakers. First introduced in the middle section of Star Wars:
yesterday in Culture
Wormwood Recap: You Are Never Gonna Know What Happened in That Room
No true-crime mystery is complete these days without a comprehensive timeline of events, and Errol Morris gives us a doozy for the s
yesterday in Culture
Which Actors Should Play the Royal Family in The Crown Season 3?
It’s tough to bid good-bye to the current cast of The Crown. Especially in the case of Claire Foy, it feels like the Netflix series
yesterday in Art & Design
Mission Gold Zine Launches Their First Issue With Show in San Francisco's Mission District
Mission Gold is a zine project exploring street entrepreneurship and alternative value in the shadows of Silicon Valley. Come check out Mission Gold I
yesterday in Art
Textural Expressions
Mika Yajima makes use of fibre as a material to create conceptual installations. We speak with the Tokyo-based artist to find out more. The post Textu
yesterday in Culture
The Queens of I-95
Tina and the other girls hit the road for the Miss’d America pageant in Atlantic City. All eyes are on them as they hit the Borgata stage to prove who
yesterday in Culture
The Challenge for Muslim Women to Say #MeToo
The Feed’s Alaa Basatneh says joining the #MeToo movement isn’t as easy for some groups of women.
yesterday in Culture
Link About It: National Geographic's 57 Best Photos of 2017
From beautiful to devastating, National Geographic's 57 best photos of the year are stunning. Curated from 112 stories and two million images, the ima
yesterday in Culture
ListenUp: Ezra Furman: Love You So Bad
It's no small wonder to make a song that's altogether likable, relatable and admirable. Ezra Furman does this with "Love You So Bad," which has just b
yesterday in Culture
Holiday Gift Guides 2017: Green Rush: From pastilles to pipes, gifts for all the cannabis enthusiasts in your life
This has been yet another year for immense steps forward for the industry, laws and use of cannabis. From edibles to topicals, toking accessories and
yesterday in Culture
Peter Jackson Says Harvey Weinstein Blacklisted Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino From Lord of the Rings
Peter Jackson has confirmed what Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino have long feared, that Harvey Weinstein torpedoed their chances in Hol
yesterday in Culture
#Metoo Follows Decades of Women Struggling to be Heard and Respected
It appears we’re living through a true cultural revolution as women share their stories of sexual abuse and harassment and men are forced out of posit
yesterday in Culture
Buy: Greenwich Black Watch
It all comes down to the details with Washington Square Watches' Greenwich Black, a 38mm square wristwatch in all black stainless steel with a coppery
yesterday in Culture
Wormwood Premiere Recap: No Other Love
Errol Morris takes a lot of risks with his new Netflix psycho-documentary series Wormwood. He’s mixing real-life interviews with ela
yesterday in Culture
In Defense of Hayden Christensen’s Performance in the Star Wars Prequels
In the lead-up to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we look back at the first Jedi (narratively speaking) with a series of stories about the
yesterday in Culture
The 10 Best ‘Call Your Mom’ Movies of 2017
There’s a particular rhythm to the way mothers and daughters relate to one another: How you can love your mother but not like her, h
yesterday in Culture
The Big Bang Theory Recap: The Birthday Girls
It’s Amy Farrah Fowler’s birthday, and she’ll hurl if she wants to.The bad news is that it’s a gift from Sheldon that leads Amy to s
yesterday in Art & Design
Andrew Schoultz's "Illuminated Opposition" @ Hosfelt Gallery, SF
The Los Angeles-based artist and muralist returns to his old stomping grounds of San Francisco for a brand new solo show, Illuminated Opposition, open
yesterday in Art
Social Environments
Hatje Cantz's new release, Koexistenzen, tracks Walter Niedermayr's fascination with the unique community of Fiemme Valley in South Tyrol. The post So
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