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2 hours ago in Art
Still Life Revisited
Over the past seven years, Dan Matthews has developed a uniquely graphic and cropped aesthetic that conjures a sense of the surreal. The post Still Li..
4 hours ago in Culture
Guess Who’s Shaping Esports? The Same Ole Fat Cats
The investors, professionals and media firms that control traditional sports are now trying to take over esports.
4 hours ago in Culture
The Next George Soros? She Fights for Migrants Against the Tide
Attorney Tímea Kovács is battling for Hungary's new arrivals amid an immigration crackdown.
4 hours ago in Culture
The Little-Known Hungarian Town With the Best Cellar Crawl
There may be no dragons here, but Villány, Hungary, offers up world-class wines and a Tolkien-esque vibe.
4 hours ago in Culture
The Science of Shutting Up: Sexy Rules for the Road
OZY's Eugene S. Robinson addresses queries from the love-weary in "Sex With Eugene."
4 hours ago in Culture
Who Wants to Be a YouTube Billionaire?
The video-sharing hub is creating a new wave of billionaires whose work involves posting smart, brand-building videos.
4 hours ago in Culture
How This Fertility Guru Is Set to Ease the Pain of 176M Women
Startup founder Heather Bowerman plans to launch the first noninvasive test for endometriosis.
4 hours ago in Art
Conservationist Installation
Christo's new public commission,The London Mastaba, is a puzzling monument which makes a jarring statement in the heart of Hyde Park. The post Conser
22 hours ago in Culture
Listen Up
One of Aretha Franklin's best performances, a glittery Sade remix, and plenty more new music this week MOORS feat. tUnE-yArDs: Mango If “Mango” affirm
yesterday in Art
Required Reading
This week, the world's most beautiful libraries, what art can do that journalism can't, the future of surveillance, leaving Instagram, and more. The p
yesterday in Art
On the Margins of Country Music
We’re witnessing a transitional moment for the country music genre that opens up space for weirdness and experimentation. The post On the Margins of C
yesterday in Art
Paintings of Bodily Residue and Extra-Long Tongues
In Emily Furr’s paintings, objects penetrate the openings of other objects, but the body is nowhere to be seen. The post Paintings of Bodily Residue a
yesterday in Art
The Power of Painterly Innocence
Billy White’s artistic kinships seem to be more personal and experiential than cultural or racial. The post The Power of Painterly Innocence appeared
yesterday in Culture
Cousins Reunited: How America's Century-Old Occupation of Germany Still Reverberates
A tattered photo, an illustrated book, a DNA search - how distant cousins an ocean apart finally found each other.
yesterday in Culture
How China's Railways Are Leading to High-Speed Debt
China has built the world's largest high-speed rail network in less than a decade, and it's leading to an unhealthy pileup of debt.
yesterday in Culture
A Secular Backlash Against Islamism Is Brewing in Indonesia
Faced with a rise in Islamism, Indonesia is battling back with policies, politics and the people.
yesterday in Culture
Trump Picks a Fight With Brennan. Is Mueller Next?
The security clearance fight is both a distraction and a serious erosion of norms.
yesterday in Culture
Why Aaron Rodgers Is Nowhere Near the NFL's Highest-Paid ... for Now
NFL contracts are so complicated, you need a law degree to understand them - so we went to the experts.
yesterday in Culture
Why Aaron Rodgers Isn't One of the NFL's Best Paid ... for Now
NFL contracts are so complicated, you need a law degree to understand them - so we went to the experts.
yesterday in Culture
The Cult London Bookstore That Might Just Throw You Out
This go-to shop for design inspiration is also the former face of a much-loved TV series.
yesterday in Art
Artists to Watch
Calling upon innovative practices, get inspired by winners from the past five years of the Aesthetica Art Prize. Entries open until 30 August. The po
yesterday in Art
Channeling Our Collective Fury
There is an old adage that nothing brings people closer together than discovering that they hate the same person. The post Channeling Our Collective F
yesterday in Culture
Link About It: This Week’s Picks
Japan's pizza vending machines, Detroit Design Month, "sextech" patents and more Detroit Design Festival Grows to Month-Long Extravaganza In 2015, Det
yesterday in Art
“We Live in a Nuthouse!”: Zero Mostel on Art, Politics and America
Mostel perceives that drip paintings can express the scrambled feeling in your mind when you hear the federal government say that you can survive a nu
yesterday in Culture
Owning Guns Is Sort of Like Owning Rattlesnakes
Author Michael Bishop's 'Rattlesnakes and Men' is about a town where everyone owns a dangerous ophidian.
yesterday in Art
Refuse Transformed: Reuse as Social Repair
These assemblages showcase art’s power and, poignantly its limitations, to effect material transformations. The post Refuse Transformed: Reuse as Soci
2 days ago in Art
Pure Paint, Impurely Deployed
Jason Stopa is a historically savvy painter whose approach to Pop Formalism can cut either way, toward reflexive irony or an expanded employment of th
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