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4 hours ago in Art
Jeff Sessions’s Secret Fantasies
Stepping onto the path the Nazis trod. The post Jeff Sessions’s Secret Fantasies appeared first on Hyperallergic...
2 hours ago in Art & Design
A look at Ryan McGinley's newest project "Mirror, Mirror"
Ryan McGinley has been working on an untitled project involving mirrors for the past three years. Inspired originally by instructional artworks by suc
4 hours ago in Art & Design
Lost At E Minor Session: LANKS brilliant cover of Julia Michael’s ‘Issues’
If you’re the sort of person with your finger on the pulse of Australian music, then you may have heard of the Sydney-based Melbourne-bred singer, son
4 hours ago in Culture
Link About It: This Week's Picks: Saving Nina Simone's childhood home, making better bubbles, and more in our look around the web
1. Art Show Inspired by Philando Castile Open now at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (and free to the public), "Art and Healing: In the Moment" is a
5 hours ago in Art
Van Gogh’s Japanese Idyll
Through willful imitation of Japanese art, van Gogh became the van Gogh we know, perhaps the world’s most famous painter. The post Van Gogh’s Japanese
6 hours ago in Art
Rap Futurism: Cupcakke, Ski Mask and the Slump God, Playboi Carti, and Kanye West
The future of rap lies in silliness, absurdism, functionalism, and sonic delight. The post Rap Futurism: Cupcakke, Ski Mask and the Slump God, Playboi
6 hours ago in Culture
'Fortnite' Is Everywhere, But It's Perfect on the Nintendo Switch
The game's magic lies in its self-contained arc—which translates to an almost perfect mobile experience.
7 hours ago in Art
Jasper Johns’ Life and Work: A Conversation Between John Yau, Martha Wilson, and William Villalongo
Who gets remembered and how? The post Jasper Johns’ Life and Work: A Conversation Between John Yau, Martha Wilson, and William Villalongo appeared fi
7 hours ago in Culture
Do You Dream in Internet? Don’t Freak Out
We know a lot about how smartphones and social media affect our brains, but dreams are more mysterious.
15 hours ago in Art & Design
"Fútbol and Contemporary Art": The World Cup Gets the Fine Art Treatment @ Pérez Art Museum, Miami
As you probably are, too, we are loving the early morning, morning, midmorning World Cup watching. It got us thinking about what is going on in the wo
19 hours ago in Art
Smithsonian Gets Some Vibranium with Acquisition of Iconic Black Panther Costume
The National Museum of African American History and Culture acquired various objects from the movie, embracing the first superhero of African descent
20 hours ago in Art
Overcoming Isolation Through Mukbang, the Subculture Where People Watch You Eat
Pam Nasr's short film Clams Casino centers on a young woman struggling to reconnect with her mother but successfully connecting to thousands of viewer
20 hours ago in Culture
Detox Your Home With Christine Dimmick's Insights: The Good Home Company founder and author on elevating wellness in your personal sanctuary
Since 1995 Christine Dimmick has been delivering on her mission of creating a healthier home. Today the founder and CEO of The Good Home Company offer
21 hours ago in Art & Design
The violent and tragic: New Drawings by Ben Tolman @ Jonathan LeVine Projects
"I try to reward the viewer if they are willing to spend time with the work—it’s kind of exactly that," Ben Tolman told Juxtapoz back in 2016. "I try
21 hours ago in Art & Design
After 30 Years, a Hidden Keith Haring Mural Is Uncovered in Amsterdam
Due to a strange play of fortune, Amsterdam is now the city with the largest public mural by Keith Haring in Europe! The work/wall was revealed today
22 hours ago in Culture
Discover Places with Photo-Oriented Oatmeal App: Let imagery determine where you dine or drink, or simply where you head next
Whether you're near your home or traveling abroad, location-based recommendation services continue to offer vetted drinking and dining options—and som
22 hours ago in Art
In the Land of Guns, Masculinity, Whiteness, and Power Are Often Inseparable
The exhibition, which consists of photography culled from the Addison Gallery of American Arts’s collection, demonstrates that the gun exists as an id
22 hours ago in Art
Public Outcry Halts Plan to Sell Artist William Edmondson’s Property to Developers
In order to balance the municipal budget, Nashville was considering selling the park that occupies the site where Edmondson lived and worked for decad
23 hours ago in Art & Design
Ronald Gonzalez Disassembles and Recreates the "Surviving Vestiges of Time"
Ronald Gonzalez creates figurative sculptures that meld everyday objects into human forms, creating inanimate yet expressive beings concerning themes
23 hours ago in Art & Design
Sarah Mikenis' Textured Paintings Inspired by Los Angeles' Fashion District
Bold stripes and saccharine prints spar playfully with waxy bulges and compelling textures throughout Sarah Mikenis’ first solo exhibition, cover-up,
yesterday in Art
A 13-Year-Old Cartoonist’s Response to Trump’s Family Separation Policy
Following the news, the outspoken cartoonist and activist Sasha Matthews shared her comic with Hyperallergic. The post A 13-Year-Old Cartoonist’s Resp
yesterday in Art
1,500 Yayoi Kusama Mirror Balls Beckon Beachgoers to the Rockaways
"Narcissus Garden" will be on view in a former train garage at Fort Tilden from July 1 until Labor Day. The post 1,500 Yayoi Kusama Mirror Balls Becko
yesterday in Culture
Rilke on the Lonely Patience of Creative Work
"Works of art are of an infinite loneliness and with nothing so little to be reached as with criticism. Only love can grasp and hold and be just towar
yesterday in Art
Profiling Innovation
A new book by Libby Sellers, Women Design, profiles 21 pioneers who have shaped the design world over the past 100 years, redressing the gender balan
yesterday in Art
Curating Experiences
Pioneering in its extent of research, a new book from Phaidon presents a concentrated and intriguing overview of architectural exhibitions. The post C
yesterday in Culture
ListenUp: Kimbra + DAWN: Version of Me
For the collaborative rework of a standout track on her last album Primal Heart, Kimbra and DAWN (aka Dawn Richard) display extraordinary, intertwined
yesterday in Culture
Link About It: Instagram's New Long-Form Video App, IGTV
For anyone who's opened an Instagram story (and found themselves watching every single one that follows) comes IGTV—Instagram's new standalone app and
yesterday in Art
Art that Resists Being Pigeonholed by Nationality
A recent exhibition presents the work of three Turkish artists connected through material and conceptual strands through modern and contemporary perio
yesterday in Culture
Moxy Times Square Hotel's Queer Contemporary Dance Commission : To celebrate Pride, the design-forward hotel taps the Madboots Dance company
Less than a year ago the Moxy Times Square Hotel opened with design and attention to detail as two primary areas of focus—in a neighborhood (technical
yesterday in Culture
The Rosé Project Dinner at Landmarc Tribeca Events: Proper pairings of the popular wine over a Franco-Italian meal with Chef Marc Murphy + The Select 7
For a wine category experiencing continued explosive growth, information about rosé has not been pouring forth as rapidly as the pink liquid itself. G
yesterday in Art & Design
Greg Hunt's in-depth visual study of iconic skateboarder Jason Dill
Documented over a seventeen-year period by filmmaker/photographer Greg Hunt, Ninety-Six Dreams, Two Thousand Memories is a in-depth visual study of ic
yesterday in Art
An Illegal Archeological Dig in the West Bank Raises Questions About the Museum of the Bible
The Museum of the Bible has been funding a number of scholarly projects, including an illegal excavation in the West Bank that will certainly influenc
yesterday in Culture
Hayley Kiyoko, Troye Sivan, and the New Age of Queer Pop
The next generation of LGBTQ pop artists knows what it stands for. And when you’re producing songs people have been waiting a long time to hear, word
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