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45 minutes ago in Food & Drink
12 Nogs, Punches & Libations to Celebrate the Holiday Season — Nogs & Punches
Whenever I've hosted a holiday gathering, I've found that guests can sometimes have a deer-in-headlights reaction when I greet them with..
2 hours ago in Food & Drink
Next Week's Meal Plan: 5 Fast & Fancy Dinners for the Week Ahead — Next Week's Meal Plan
As we head into the holiday home stretch, we've got a week of guests, parties, and classroom holiday programs to fill up the calendar. If it were
3 hours ago in Food & Drink
Broth-Simmered White Beans Are Like a Bowl of Winter Comfort
This holiday season we're cooking up a storm, and looking for all the little ways we can make our life in the kitchen just a bit easier. We've partner
3 hours ago in Food & Drink
A Menu for a Prime Rib Holiday Dinner — Menus from The Kitchn
Prime rib is the ultimate Christmas feast — a grand roast brought to the table with pride and served with a luscious creamy horseradish sauce.
yesterday in Food & Drink
Fluffy Vanilla Nougat
To make great nougat, you really need to have a plan. You have to be legit focused. And(!), consider yourself warned, there are going to be a few mi
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yesterday in Food & Drink
3 Amazing Crumble Toppings
3 days ago in Food & Drink
Ben's Food Heaven - Quiche, Japan and Magic
6 days ago in Food & Drink
8 days ago in Food & Drink
3 KFC Recipes
3 hours ago in Food & Drink
Kombucha Holiday Punch
The San Francisco Chronicle ran this story a couple of weeks back, focused on how I set a holiday table. You can check out the story if you like, bu
yesterday in Food & Drink
Instant Pot Brown Rice Bowl with Chickpeas
The first thing I made in my new Instant Pot was beans and rice. Not a surprise to anyone who has been a longtime reader here ;) The beans were chic
3 hours ago in Food & Drink
Green Curry Porridge
I thought I'd share another QUITOKEETO lunch with you today. This one in particular was a stand-out. It went something like this: a boisterous green
yesterday in Food & Drink
Winter Green Miso Paste (and Ten Ways to Use It)
Let's chat about shortcuts! Having a rainbow-colored lineup of homemade curry pastes in the freezer is one of my favorite, slightly cheaty culinary
yesterday in Food & Drink
Instant Pot Fiasco Beans
Not the most attractive recipe, but never mind that! What this pot of beans lacks in looks, it makes up for in flavor and simplicity. Seriously! Thi
3 hours ago in Food & Drink
Christmas Cookie Recipes
Hi friends - I suspect it is going to be a big baking weekend, so I thought it might be helpful to wrangle some of my favorite holiday-esque cookie
yesterday in Food & Drink
Last Minute Red Lasagna
Making lasagna doesn't have to be an all-day affair. This is a true weeknight lasagna. No pre-cooking sauces, no pre-cooking noodles. You, literally
3 hours ago in Food & Drink
Instant Pot Mushroom Stroganoff with Vodka
If you have an Instant Pot, please make this. Please. Pasta fans especially, this one is for you. As many of you know, within the Instant Pot commun
yesterday in Food & Drink
10 Minute Instant Pot Mushroom Broth
I'm going to share one of my favorite broths with you today, and then I'm going to share a list of all the different ways you can use it. If you hav
3 hours ago in Food & Drink
One Bowl Banana Bread
This is the recipe you want if you're craving classic banana bread flavor and texture, but want as little mess, drama, and equipment as possible. It
yesterday in Food & Drink
The Ultimate Vegan Nachos
Let's do nachos today. I know the title says vegan nachos, but whether you're vegan or not, when you need a nacho fix, this is how you should roll.
3 hours ago in Food & Drink
Toasted Almond Sables
When I go to flea markets or stop by a neighborhood garage sale, I always find myself rummaging through weathered cardboard boxes looking for cookie
yesterday in Food & Drink
Instant Pot Minestrone Soup
Making really good minestrone in the Instant Pot with dried, un-soaked beans is possible. I wasn't sure at first, and it required a few attempts to
3 hours ago in Food & Drink
Mushroom Scallion Tartine with Poblano Yogurt
I think of this as a sheet pan sandwich recipe. You roast a bunch of mushrooms and scallions in a hot oven as your main components. And you whip up
3 hours ago in Food & Drink
New Skinnytaste Meal Planner (Updated + Revised) and a FREE 7 Day Meal Plan
I’m super excited to share the completely updated and revised Skinnytaste Meal Planner, Revised Edition a 52-week, daily meal planner to help you jump
4 hours ago in Food & Drink
Chocolate Pavlova with Whipped Cream and Raspberries
Do you love show-stopping desserts? What about show-stopping desserts that are easy to make? Oh, I thought so. Continue reading "Chocolate Pavlo
4 hours ago in Food & Drink
Freezer to Table: Our Most Popular Freeze-Ahead Recipes of 2017 — Freeze-Ahead Recipes from The Kitchn
It's hard to beat the satisfaction of a well-stocked freezer. Nothing compares to the feeling of having a handful of easy meals on hand to reach
5 hours ago in Food & Drink
The Best Way to Clean Up Flour — Holiday Cleanup
Baking is a messy endeavor, and the messiest bit of it all is the flour. It gets everywhere! And heaven forbid you try to clean it up with a spo
5 hours ago in Food & Drink
3-Ingredient Homemade Honeycomb Candy Is As Dramatic And Delicious as it Sounds
The words "hassle-free holiday trick" are music to our ears. We partnered with Delta® Faucet to announce their newest addition to the kitchen, ShieldS
6 hours ago in Food & Drink
Meal Plan for December Week 3
This month, Summer Miller is back and excited to share her family’s meal plans for December. Happy holidays, everyone! Some days dinner inspiration
6 hours ago in Food & Drink
10 Last-Minute Homemade Gifts — Recipes from The Kitchn
My favorite kind of gift to give (and also receive) is the homemade kind — especially when it's edible. Not only are these gifts totally thou
8 hours ago in Food & Drink
These Are the Easiest Doughnuts You'll Ever Make — Tips from The Kitchn
I'm not usually one for cooking shortcuts that involve prepared ingredients, but there are some recipes that just have too many involved parts.
8 hours ago in Food & Drink
Recipe: Butter Pecan Sandies — Recipes from The Kitchn
While there are many things I can tell you about my grandfather, the one thing you should know is that he loved pecan sandies. In fact, I canno
9 hours ago in Food & Drink
5 Things Everyone Should Do in New Orleans — Bite-Sized Guide: New Orleans
New Orleans is definitely a contender for most delicious city in the United States (the world?). If you are planning a visit, you are basica
16 hours ago in Food & Drink
NFL Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Giveaway
So I’m not really a football fan. But, Butters is clearly a Colts fan. He takes after his dad. So when you have a corgi in a Colts jersey, you also ne
22 hours ago in Food & Drink
Watch the Dramatic Trailer for Netflix’s New Food Documentary Series ‘Rotten'
23 hours ago in Food & Drink
The Most-Googled Tutorial of 2017 Is Super Playful — On Trend
If you want to learn how to do something, chances are good that the first thing you do is go to Google. All it takes is a quick search, and Googl
23 hours ago in Food & Drink
The 10 Most-Googled Diets of 2017 Are Mostly Terrifying — Wellness News
The world is full of diets and magical supplements that promise to help us be more healthy and lose weight, and that means many of us spend a
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