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6 hours ago in Food & Drink
Walmart Is Having a Major Sale on Pioneer Woman Merch — Shopping
Seemingly everything that The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, touches turns into gold ... or flowers. Mostly flowers! Her signature style of ha..
7 hours ago in Food & Drink
Prime Day 2018 Has Begun! These Are the Kitchen Deals You Don't Want to Miss. — Prime Time
Happy Amazon Prime Day! That's right — it's finally here. Yay! Wait, what's that? You're overwhelmed by the sales? We don't blame you — there a
7 hours ago in Food & Drink
This Is the Best Price on the Instant Pot We've Ever Seen — Prime Time
If it seems like we get excited about the Instant Pot's new, low price every Amazon Prime Day, that's because we do. The sale somehow gets bette
7 hours ago in Food & Drink
The Fancy Kitchen Gadgets Worth Checking Out on Amazon Prime Day
7 hours ago in Food & Drink
The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Your Kitchen
Amazon Prime Day deals for 2018 include the Instant Pot DUO60 for $65, three Vitamix blender models, and more.
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London's Best Fried Chicken?! (At 3 Price Points)
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Chefs Review 'LIFE CHANGING' Kitchen Gadget
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Pineapple On Pizza Settled Once And For All
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How to Eat Your Way Across California
6 hours ago in Food & Drink
Amazon Prime Day Means You Can Snag a Vitamix at a Serious Discount
Amazon Prime Day is blessing us with a Vitamix 5200 Blender is on sale for just $298. Here's what we'll blend up first.
7 hours ago in Food & Drink
The Hottest Cookbooks of Summer 2018
7 hours ago in Food & Drink
The Best Sous Vide Machine, the Joule, Is on Sale for Amazon Prime Day
Chefsteps Joule is the best sous vide machine, and it's on sale for Amazon Prime Day. Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone explains his love for it.
8 hours ago in Food & Drink
Who Cares About an English Lit Degree When You Can Now Major in Pizza — Food News
"I graduated from Pizza University" seems like something that would be printed on a novelty t-shirt, right beside shirts with slogans like "Rosé A
8 hours ago in Food & Drink
Why Is Hospital Food So Disgusting?
8 hours ago in Food & Drink
How a Family of 2 Eats for $75 a Week in Oxford, Mississippi — Food Budget Diaries
Welcome to Kitchn's Food Budget Diaries series, where we show you how people around the country spend money on what they eat and drink. Each post
9 hours ago in Food & Drink
7 Things That Made My New Rental Kitchen Feel So Much Bigger — Rental Kitchens
I recently moved from a studio apartment to a one-bedroom in New York City. I thought that the new space would be spacious and rife with shel
9 hours ago in Food & Drink
Menu Plan Monday #247
Menu Plan Monday is filled with easy family-friendly dinner recipes! The menu always includes one dessert idea as well for the ultimate weekly m
9 hours ago in Food & Drink
10 Fresh & Flavorful Ways to Turn Beans into Dinner — Recipes from The Kitchn
Beans are a year-round staple, in my book. I especially love them in the summer, though, when I can easily pop open a can and turn it into a sim
10 hours ago in Food & Drink
How the Freezer Aisle Can Help You Eat More Healthfully — Tips from The Kitchn
If the only reason you go down the freezer aisle is to buy ice cream, I'm here to tell you that there's a whole lot of healthy goodness to be fou
10 hours ago in Food & Drink
15 Wine Slushies You Need to Drink Outside This Summer — Recipe Roundup
Frosé (frozen rosé) received a lot of attention the last couple years, but that's just the beginning of your frozen boozy adventure. It turns out t
10 hours ago in Food & Drink
15 Chicken & Pasta Dinners for Cozy Weeknights — Recipes from The Kitchn
Want an easy way to up your weeknight dinner routine? Take two heavy hitters in your weekly rotation, chicken and pasta, and bring
10 hours ago in Food & Drink
What Is Carbonic Maceration in Wine, and Why Does It Taste So Damn Fun?
The fermentation technique called carbonic maceration makes zippy, juicy wines that we can’t stop drinking. Here‘s what it means, and how it affects t
11 hours ago in Food & Drink
The Frozen Foods Kitchn Editors Always Buy at Trader Joe's — Shopping
We've already talked about how all of us are more likely to buy frozen groceries at Trader Joe's than most other supermarkets (it has to do wit
11 hours ago in Food & Drink
Sam's Club, Master of Shade, Adds Polish Dog to Café Menu — Grocery News
If you like Polish hot dogs and delicious drama, you're going to love what Sam's Club has on the menu. Last week Costco announced that it would b
11 hours ago in Food & Drink
How to Watch Eater and PBS’s New Show ‘No Passport Required’
12 hours ago in Food & Drink
New ‘Stranger Things’ Teaser Faithfully Recreates an ’80s Mall Food Court
12 hours ago in Food & Drink
If Cauliflower and Broccolini Had a Baby, This Would Be It — Food News
"Caulilini" is my new favorite word. I love the way it rolls around on the tongue, and I'm half convinced it would make a cute baby name. Caulil
12 hours ago in Food & Drink
Chick-fil-A’s First Hawai‘i Location Will Bring Pious Chicken Sandwiches to the Central Pacific
12 hours ago in Food & Drink
Starbucks' New No-Straw Policy Isn't as Great as It Sounds — Food News
Starbucks is trying to make going strawless as trendy as the PSL. And that's a good thing, especially for the environment. (If you haven't
12 hours ago in Food & Drink
Skillet Chicken with Cheesy Orzo and Zucchini
There is a true beauty to one-skillet dinners, and it’s not just the fact that there is only one pan to wash. It’s just very satisfying to place a
12 hours ago in Food & Drink
Recipe: Classic Slow Cooker Margarita Fajitas — Recipes from The Kitchn
Nothing beats a classic. In this recipe, I've used all the flavors of a margarita to kick up fajitas. Tequila, orange juice, and plenty of lime ju
13 hours ago in Food & Drink
Beyond the Instant Pot: Amazon Prime Day Includes 30 Percent Off Groceries and Household Essentials — Prime Time
By now you know that Amazon Prime Day is a good day to get things like vacuum cleaners, small appliances (hopefully the Instant Pot!), an
13 hours ago in Food & Drink
We Tried the $16 "Sponge" That's Dividing the Internet — Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
I've been known to make some kitchen splurges, but if I'm going to spend more than $1 on something to clean my dishes, it better be worth it. Thi
13 hours ago in Food & Drink
12 Restaurants That Nearly Made the Essential California 38
13 hours ago in Food & Drink
How To Make a No-Bake Icebox Cake — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
Right about the time you pull the white sandals and beach gear out of the closet, big, easy, and delicious party desserts also come into high
14 hours ago in Food & Drink
This Is the Only Way to Eat Corn This Summer — Delicious Links
Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favori
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