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4 hours ago in Fun
Unexpected Heroes
Unexpected Heroes 2:10 Unexpected Heroes: you can find them anywhere. Your teacher? Your neighbor? Your co-worker? An analyst ..
8 hours ago in Fun
The 78th World Science Fiction Convention will be in Wellington, New Zealand
18 hours ago in Fun
The fabulous illustrated history of the pocket calculator
In the 1970s, there was a boom in pocket calculators, driven by the plummeting costs of their electronic components, and an industry that had once p
18 hours ago in Fun
How to Build Super Mario Bros. Style Maze for a Rat
The Q shows how to build an awesome Super Mario Bros. style maze for a rat using cardboard and paint. He then tested it out with an adorable rat name
20 hours ago in Fun
Youngest person ever given new face in transplant surgery
The September National Geographic cover story follows Katie Stubblefield as she is given the face of 31-year-old donor Adrea Schneider, a woman who di
20 hours ago in Fun
Doja Cat gets herself a viral hit with bovine-meme video 'Mooo!'
Doja Cat has declared herself a cow, a hamburger-eating one at that, in her recently-released, now-viral music video titled "Mooo!."
22 hours ago in Fun
25 Foolproof Techniques To Enhance Your Memory
Do you need a memory tune-up to enhance your memory? Whether you are an average person wanting to reduce forgetfulness, a university student studying
22 hours ago in Fun
Explore the world with a live feed from this easy-to-pilot drone
Drones are undeniably cool, but not all of us have the Top Gun-level piloting skills required to fly them—unless you're using TRNDlabs' new
22 hours ago in Fun
A home for middle-aged men
"Alec is 42 this morning and therefore has nothing further to contribute to society," begins this bit from the 2001 comedy series
yesterday in Fun
Spider Robinson's joke
yesterday in Fun
Link25 (308) – Is Your Honey Really Honey Edition
For the past week, you’ve done nothing but work, secluded from the world while the rest of us had an amazing time laughing at hilarious videos and enj
yesterday in Fun
Trump is the Lorax who speaks for the Nazis
America's Orange Menace has spoken! In response to most social media outlets shutting down Alex Jones, recently referred to as the gateway drug to wh
yesterday in Fun
A next-gen, multi-switch Useless Machine that unswitches your switches in order
Coffeeman 500's Useless Box - Multi Switch project is an open-source hardware project that's an ambitious variant on the beloved "Useless Machine"
yesterday in Fun
Antivirus maker Sentinelone uses copyright claims to censor video of security research that revealed defects in its products
yesterday in Fun
Catholic League insists that it's only rape when priests "penetrate" children
yesterday in Fun
Criminals have perfected the art of taking over dead peoples' online accounts When you die, your relatives will be sad and (depending on the circumstances of your death) possibly l
yesterday in Fun
Comedy sketch imagines a sobriety test for stoners
"Once marijuana is legalized in Canada, how will police test for pot impairment?" CBC Comedy sketch comedy series 22
yesterday in Fun
Present with confidence using the hacks in this public speaking bundle
Whether you're set to give the toast at your best friend's wedding or a presentation at work, you'll be relying on those public speaking lesson
yesterday in Fun
Aretha Franklin tribute on the NYC subway
As spotted at 1st and Franklin yesterday by my friend Justin Wolfe.
yesterday in Fun
Homer Simpson in 3D: Artist Miguel Vasquez imagines what cartoon characters would look like in real life
3D character artist Miguel Vasquez brings fairly innocuous-looking cartoon characters into disturbing 3D "life," like he did with Homer Simpson,
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