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1 hour ago in Geek
EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Says the Bible Teaches Us to 'Harvest' 'Natural Resources' Like Gas, Oil and Coal
Scott Pruitt, who ostensibly runs the Environmental Protection Agency when he’s not taking first-class plane trips or speculating that climate change ..
2 hours ago in Geek
Phones This Cheap Shouldn't Look This Good
Look, it’s hard to give a shit about budget phones. They often sport uninspired designs, lack any sort of innovative features, and frequently cut corn
2 hours ago in Geek
Matt Reeves' First Netflix Production Will Be A Science Fiction Film About A Mind-Wiped Criminal
Matt Reeves, the respected genre director known for Cloverfield, War for the Planet of the Apes, and not yet making a Batman movie, is moving forward
2 hours ago in Geek
It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s A Superman Gift Guide!
Superman is the gold standard for superheroes. He was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1938 and has been a staple in pop culture for the pas
3 hours ago in Geek
These Small PCBs are Made for Model Rocketry
Model rocketry hobbyists are familiar with the need to roll their own solutions when putting high-tech features into rockets, and a desire to include
4 hours ago in Geek
Google Crushes Dreams of a Universal Dark Mode For Android, For Now
Some Android users watching Google’s Issue Tracker board got very excited this week when one of the company’s engineers
4 hours ago in Geek
These Multi-Flavored Potato Chips Aren’t Rainbow-Colored, But They’re Unique
Looking at this colorful, rainbow bag of chips, you’d think the delicious potato snacks inside would be red, orange, yellow, blue, etc. in keeping wit
4 hours ago in Geek
The Last Jedi's VFX Supervisors Shed Light On The Complex Process of Bringing Snoke to Life
Taking Supreme Leader Snoke from a vague hologram to a physical presence was one of the biggest challenges for the visual effects team on Star Wars: T
5 hours ago in Geek
Geek Trivia: Which Of These Things Did Sailors Throw Overboard To Calm Stormy Seas?
Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!
6 hours ago in Geek
Fully 3D Printed Nerf Thirst Zapper
In case you weren’t aware, there is a whole community out there that revolves around customizing NERF guns. In that community is a subculture that bui
6 hours ago in Geek
The Best Anime On Netflix Streaming
In the olden days, getting access to anime was a tremendous pain in the ass. For every series that got dubbed and aired on American television, there
6 hours ago in Geek
Vaccinations Drop in Europe, and the Result Was Over 21,000 Cases of Measles
Measles is pulling off a disconcerting resurgence across the continent of Europe at the same time the
7 hours ago in Geek
Airlines Are Dropping The NRA
Much like many rental car companies, airlines are now ending any discounts associated with National Rifle Association membership. In a tweet today, Un
7 hours ago in Geek
Letitia Wright Freestyling in Costume Somehow Makes Black Panther Even Better
The actors behind Black Panther’s side characters have gotten a lot of love, and it’s easy to see why. The film shines in its portrayal of marginal de
7 hours ago in Geek
Saturday's Best Deals: Bowflex Dumbbells, Schlage Deadbolt, Dash Cam, and More
A Bowflex adjustable dumbbell set, a
8 hours ago in Geek
Ivanka Trump Is Tasked with Explaining Economic Warfare Against North Korea
From designer handbags to preventing nuclear Armageddon, Ivanka Trump has truly rewritten the rules for success. Now if we could only get her a full T
8 hours ago in Geek
Lock In The Lowest Price We've Seen On This Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt
Never worry about forgetting your keys with this Schlage touchscreen deadbolt. It doesn’t connect to your phone or Wi-Fi, but it does have a built-in
9 hours ago in Geek
Science Organizations Cancel Lawrence Krauss Events After Sexual Harassment Allegations
For years, women have quietly warned each other to stay away from Lawrence Krauss, the internationally lauded theoretical physicist and torchbearer fo
9 hours ago in Geek
Microchip Introduces Tiny Cheap Linux Modules
Linux is in everything these days, and that means designers and engineers are crying out for a simple, easy-to-use module that simplifies the design o
9 hours ago in Geek
How Would Humanity Respond if We Discovered Aliens?
There’s a good chunk of modern media that’s dedicated to human-alien encounters and the like. Hell, War
9 hours ago in Geek
Dominate Your Next Office Nerf War With This $16 Gun
This AccuStrike AlphaHawk Nerf gun is selling for just $16, the lowest price ever. What are you still doing here?Read more...
10 hours ago in Geek
What Annihilation learned from Andrei Tarkovsky’s Soviet sci-fi classics
What Are You Watching? is a weekly space for The A.V Club’s staff and readers to share their thoughts, observations, and opinions on film and TV.Read
10 hours ago in Geek
The Fungi That Cause Athlete's Foot Have Given Up On Sex
For the vast majority of living things, there’s nothing particularly sexy about sex. It’s mostly just an exhausting and dangerous hassle (just ask the
12 hours ago in Geek
You’ve Never Seen A Flipping Eyeball Like This One!
Inspired by some impressive work on textile flip-bit displays, and with creative steampunk outfits to create for Christmas, [Richard Sewell] had the i
12 hours ago in Geek
How to Set Up and Optimize the Steam Link for In-Home Game Streaming
Valve’s Steam Link is a sleek, easy way to stream games from your PC to a TV elsewhere in your home. You connect the Steam Link to your PC via HDMI, c
15 hours ago in Geek
Tachometer Uses Light, Arduinos
To measure how fast something spins, most of us will reach for a tachometer without thinking much about how it works. Tachometers are often found in c
18 hours ago in Geek
Robotic Laser Keeps Cat Entertained While You Hack
Whether it’s our own cat or a neighbor’s, many of us have experienced the friendly feline keeping us company while we work, often contributing on the
21 hours ago in Geek
Stretched PC Case Turned GPU Cryptominer
We don’t do financial planning here at Hackaday, so we won’t weigh in on the viability of making money mining cryptocurrency in such a volatile market
yesterday in Geek
Tiny Quad Core Module Available Soon
We get a lot of new product announcements here at Hackaday, and we run across even more. As excited as a manufacturer might be about their latest Rasp
yesterday in Geek
It's Time to Log Off
The following petition appeared two months ago:
yesterday in Geek
You Don’t Need To Access The Speed Force To Catch This Flash Gift Guide
The Flash is a classic, beloved DC Superhero going back to his debut in the Golden Age of comics back in 1940 by creators Gardner Fox and Harry Lamper
yesterday in Geek
The 10 Best Deals of February 23, 2018
We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...
yesterday in Geek
Some Instacart Workers Didn't Get Their Tips Because Of a 'Bug'
Instacart just nailed two of Silicon Valley’s classic misbehaviors—blaming the machines and mistreating contractors. On Friday, the $4.2 billion compa
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