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2 hours ago in Geek
Geek Trivia: Teleprompters Are A Practical Use Of An Old Illusionist’s Trick Known As?
Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!..
3 hours ago in Geek
Better 3D Printing Through Holography
When most of us think about 3D printing, we usually think about a machine that melts plastic filament and extrudes it through a nozzle. But we all kno
3 hours ago in Geek
Snap's H.R. Chief Allegedly Warned Staff About Serial Killers, Described Military Masturbation Techniques
Snap Inc., the tech company behind Snapchat and a number of other smaller projects like Bitmoji, has not had a forgiving year beyond a really cool vir
3 hours ago in Geek
After Blowback, Firefox Will Move Mr. Robot Extension to Store
This week, Mozilla slipped a browser extension that promoted Mr. Robot into Firefox. The goal was to give Firefox users access to an alternate reality
4 hours ago in Geek
Adam Driver and Stephen Colbert Act Out A Star Wars Scene With Action Figures
The people behind The Last Jedi are invested enough in keeping all unrevealed information about the film secret that, even as the movie premieres, the
4 hours ago in Geek
Saturday's Best Deals: Last-Minute Gifts, Snow Removal Gear, Cuisinart Cast Iron, and More
Last-minute gifts like chocolate and
6 hours ago in Geek
Don’t Get Caught Up In Blockchain Hype
It’s the story of the moment, isn’t it. As the price of Bitcoin continues on its wild and crazy rollercoaster ride, everyone’s talking about cryptocur
6 hours ago in Geek
Why Didn't You Watch the Best Show Ever Made About Silicon Valley?
It’s hard to make good TV about Silicon Valley and its predecessors. Especially a drama. Watching a bunch of nerds talk about coding and CPUs is appea
7 hours ago in Geek
Samsung Smart Speaker, Huh? Let's Talk
Yesterday, a report from Bloomberg came out saying that Samsung will launch a Bixby-powered smart speaker sometime in the first half of 2018. This rea
7 hours ago in Geek
Equip Yourself For Battle This Winter With Amazon's One-Day Snow Joe Sale
Winter will be here before you know it (yeah, it’s not actually winter yet, who knew!), but you can fight back with a well-reviewed
9 hours ago in Geek
Digital Kiln
A kiln or foundry is too often seen as a piece of equipment which is only available if a hackspace is lucky enough to have one or individuals are dedi
9 hours ago in Geek
Why Your Kodi Box Isn’t Working, and What to Use Instead
If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And Kodi boxes sound way too good to be true, offering unlimited free TV and movies for life
12 hours ago in Geek
The Smartest Air Freshener In The Room
Many automatic air fresheners are wasteful in that they either ceaselessly spritz the room, and manual ones need to be — well — manually operated. Thi
15 hours ago in Geek
Give Workshop Pencils a Flush-Mounted Home
Pencils and pens are apt to go wandering in a busy workshop if they don’t have a handy storage spot. For most of us a soup can or an old coffee mug do
18 hours ago in Geek
Turning Saw Blades Into Throwing Stars
The holidays are nearly upon us, and if you haven’t found the perfect gift for the Mall Ninja in your life yet, this latest hack might be just what yo
21 hours ago in Geek
Coin cell powered sea turtle research
Hacking and tinkering are always fun and games, but one just has to appreciate when all efforts are additionally aimed towards doing something good. [
21 hours ago in Geek
California Warns People to Limit Exposure to Cellphones
Since the earliest days of mobile phones, a small but steady contingent of environmental activists, conspiracy-inclined folks, and some scientists hav
21 hours ago in Geek
Former Employee Accused Uber of Hacking and Surveillance
In a damning letter released today, a former Uber employee, Richard Jacobs, claims that the company engaged in several illegal practices, including ha
22 hours ago in Geek
Biggest Quark Spotted in Whole New Way
Imagine you are baking a cake. You use the same ingredients that you always use, and boom, cake. But now, imagine your surprise when you discover you
22 hours ago in Geek
Google Tango is Dead, Long Live ARCore
After months spent in limbo and not a single new compatible device, Google is finally shutting its Tango augmented reality platform down for good, eff
22 hours ago in Geek
Pay Tribute To The Geekiest Moms You Know With This Gift Guide
What would the holidays be without celebrating with your favorite geeky mom? But what do you give a geeky mom who has to juggle so much: kids, work, f
23 hours ago in Geek
An Anonymous Bitcoin Millionaire Is Donating Their Fortune to Charities and It Seems Legit
‘Tis the season for giving, and one Bitcoin investor claims to be giving away the majority of their cryptocurrency holdings after experiencing an incr
23 hours ago in Geek
This Revolting Poster Could Increase Teen Smoking Risk, If Teens Are to Be Believed
Can you trust science based on teenage subjects? Let me ask you a different question: Can you trust teenagers not to prank scientists?Read more...
23 hours ago in Geek
Net Neutrality Just Got Gut-Punched
The FCC has voted to kill net neutrality. The decision came after months of fierce debate, and, perhaps more importantly, fraud. Many thousands of com
yesterday in Geek
Why the Law Doesn't (and Sometimes Shouldn't) Protect Us From the Algorithms That Rule Our Lives
Most people are aware that algorithms control what you see on Facebook or Google, but automated decision-making is increasingly being used to determin
yesterday in Geek
A Robot Arm for Virtual Beer Pong
Leave it to engineering students to redefine partying. [Hyun], [Justin], and [Daniel] have done exactly that for their final project by building a vir
yesterday in Geek
Ketamine Relieved Suicidal Thoughts Within Hours in Hospital Study
When it comes to preventing suicide, true breakthroughs are hard to come by. The overall rate of suicide in the U.S. has increased since the turn of t
yesterday in Geek
Pi Case for OtterBox uniVERSE Connects Your iPhone to a Raspberry Pi and More
Want to use a Raspberry Pi with your iPhone? Well, you’re in luck. OtterBox pre-engineered a Raspberry Pi case just for that. The OtterBox un
yesterday in Geek
Geek Deals Roundup: Black Friday XPS and Inspiron PC Pricing Returns, Free Bear with $100 Amazon Gift Card, and more
Need to get your holiday shopping done on the double without going over budget? Online retailers are still offering up some of the best prices on ever
yesterday in Geek
The 10 Best Deals of December 15, 2017
A friendly reminder that we only have 10 days left until Christmas, so your gift-buying days are down to the single digits when you account for shippi
yesterday in Geek
Sam Altman Is an Idiot
It’s not news that Sam Altman likes to say controversial things. The 32-year-old president of the very successful startup incubator Y Combinator attra
yesterday in Geek
MovieBob Reviews: FERDINAND (2017)
Is Ferdinand any good? It’s fine. What’s it about? A feature-length animated adaptation of R
yesterday in Geek
How to See Your Uber or Lyft Passenger Rating
After every Uber and Lyft ride, you can rate your driver out of five stars based on how good or bad the ride was. However, you may not know that drive
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