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3 hours ago in Geek
An Upcycled Speaker Box with Hidden Features
At first glance, this fire engine red speaker box built by [NoshBar] looks straightforward enough. Just an MDF case and couple of drivers recovered fr..
6 hours ago in Geek
The Engineering Of An Ultrasonic Phased Array
Ultrasonic phased arrays are one of the wonders of the moment, with videos of small items being levitated by them shared far and wide. We’ve all seen
9 hours ago in Geek
Restoring A 100 Year Old Vice To Pristine Condtion
We love our vices. They hold pipes for us to saw away at, wood while we carve, and circuit boards so that we can solder on components. So we keep them
11 hours ago in Geek
Facebook Vigilantes, Ugly Laptops, and Red Tide: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week
Read anything interesting in the news lately? No, really. I’m still catching up, because for much of the past week, I was vacationing in lovely Cook F
12 hours ago in Geek
Hackaday Links: August 19, 2018
If you want to creep everyone out, [Hunter Irving] has your back. He found a weird, creepy knock-off Thomas the Tank Engine toy and mounted a servo to
12 hours ago in Geek
Elon Musk Reduces Twitter Use, Specifically by Unfollowing Grimes
Three months ago, I had no idea who recording artist Grimes was, but after weeks of nonstop drama and intrigue, reports she’s been unfollowed on Twitt
13 hours ago in Geek
One of She-Ra's New Characters is Adapted from a Game of Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons is collaborative storytelling. And, well, so is making a television show.Read more...
13 hours ago in Geek
The New Exiles
By denying access to its critics, Israel is turning its back on Jewish Americans.
14 hours ago in Geek
Spotify, Fix Your Crooked Logo — It's Driving Me Nuts
For at least three years, I've been tapping and clicking the app icon and watching the logo appear as the service loads. Looking at the lime-green cir
15 hours ago in Geek
Wiring The ESP-32 To Ethernet
Since its introduction years ago, the ESP-8266 has taken over the world. It’s the chip inside thousands of different projects, and the basis for dozen
16 hours ago in Geek
The Flash and Reverse Flash Duke It Out in This Exciting Fan Animation
Red or yellow. Pick your color.
16 hours ago in Geek
Wow, Spain Sure Has a Lot of Pigs
There are now enough pigs in Spain that technically everyone could have one, and there’d be pigs to spare. Per the Guardian, Spanish environmental min
17 hours ago in Geek
Wonder Woman 1984 Now Has the Period-Appropriate Breakfast Club Tribute It Always Needed
Okay, fine, The Breakfast Club didn’t come out until 1985. It’s still a good look .Read more...
17 hours ago in Geek
The Witcher Meets Star Wars In A Well-Edited Fan Video
Back in 2015, Kirk Hamilton floated a “crackpot theory” that Ciri from The Witcher III told a tale of traveling to the world of CD Projekt Red’s upcom
17 hours ago in Geek
Geek Trivia: In The Early 1980s, The U.S. Gaming Industry Lobbied For?
Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!
18 hours ago in Geek
Apple Store in Amsterdam Reportedly Evacuated After iPad Battery Exploded
An Apple store in Amsterdam’s Leidseplein square was briefly evacuated after an explosion believed to be the result of an overheating iPad battery res
18 hours ago in Geek
Getting Resourceful to Build A Home CNC
CNC really is a game changer when it comes to machining. If your motor skills or ability to focus aren’t all there, you don’t need to worry – the comp
19 hours ago in Geek
Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder Might Actually be Married, and it's All Dracula's Fault
Horror movies bring people together. Cuddling on the couch during the jump scares. Getting accidentally married for real on the set of your gothic hor
20 hours ago in Geek
Check Out the Elaborate VFX Work That Went Into Avengers: Infinity War's Post-Credits Scene
One of the most striking moments (of many) in Avengers: Infinity War is the post-credits scene. We already knew that short, dramatic sequence was shot
21 hours ago in Geek
Sunday's Best Deals: 82" Samsung TV, Funkos Under $5, Philips Hue Bulbs, and More
Don’t miss deals on an 82" Samsung TV,
21 hours ago in Geek
[Cody] Builds a Chlorine Machine
In his continuing bid to have his YouTube channel demonetized, [Cody] has decided to share how he makes chlorine gas in his lab. Because nothing could
21 hours ago in Geek
Dozens of Adorable Funko Figures Are On Sale For $5 Or Less
If your desk isn’t adorned with quite enough adorable Funko figures at the moment, you can fix that right now with Walmart’s big sale. A bunch of lice
22 hours ago in Geek
Save $1,100 on This 82" Samsung TV, Which, Yeah, Should Be Big Enough
Want a big new TV for football Zion Williamson season? This
23 hours ago in Geek
The Best Universal TV Remotes
A universal remote is the go-to solution if you want to control everything in your entertainment center without juggling pieces of plastic. He…Click
23 hours ago in Geek
Feed Your Philips Hue Habit With $10 Off Spare Bulbs
If you need some more lights to feed your Philips Hue addiction, several styles of full color bulbs have rare $10 discounts today on Amazon, including
yesterday in Geek
NASA Wants You… to Design Their Robot
No one loves a good competition more than Hackaday. We run enough to keep anyone busy. But if you have a little spare time after designing your one in
yesterday in Geek
Should You Buy a Smart Smoke Alarm?
If your house is already decked out with a ton of smarthome products, your next addition might be some smart smoke alarms, but are they worth buying i
yesterday in Geek
Weaponized Fidget Spinners
Fidget spinners were the hottest new craze at one point, but their 15 minutes of fame has well and truly passed. They’re great for fidgeting, and not
yesterday in Geek
Custom Split-Flap Display Is a Unique Way to Show the Weather
There’s little doubt about the charms of a split-flap display. Watching a display build up a clear, legible message by flipping cards can be mesmerizi
yesterday in Geek
PC in an SNES Case is a Weirdly Perfect Fit
For better or for worse, a considerable number of the projects we’ve seen here at Hackaday can be accurately summarized as: “Raspberry Pi put into som
yesterday in Geek
Walmart: What If You Could Go to Walmart... in VR
Retail giant Walmart has apparently concluded that the experience of visiting its massive retail stores can be kind of unpleasant and appears to be wo
yesterday in Geek
How The 8087 Coprocessor Got Its Bias
Most of us have been there. You build a device but realize you need two or more voltages. You could hook up multiple power supplies but that can be in
yesterday in Geek
The Direction of the Third Season of Stranger Things is Heavily Influenced by a Chevy Chase Comedy
Stranger Things has always owed much of its tone and style to the 1980s. But when we started looking forward to the third season, this isn’t really th
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