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12 hours ago in Health
The Ultimate Sneaker Guide
Much to the relief of weary feet everywhere, athletic shoes have made great strides to infiltrate every corner of the fashion landscape—from classic t..
13 hours ago in Health
6 Big, Fat Reasons to Detox Your Shower (or Bath) Routine
The shower (and bath, and the body products we often use afterwards) exposes us more directly to toxins in a number of ways, and is often the biggest
13 hours ago in Health
The Next Big Thing in Jewelry Layering
Long reserved for ring piles and wrist stacks, jewelry layering has made its way north to necklace territory.
13 hours ago in Health
My Morning Routine: Cuddles, Extra Sleep, and the Ice Cream Workout
For Jenna Lyons, her morning involves both goopglow and an iced latte—and she's dressed in under 15 minutes. Here's how she does it.
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