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11 hours ago in Health
Oprah’s Essential Reading for Being a Human on This Earth
Mid-podcast, GP's interview with Oprah turned into a spontaneous book club session. And as common knowledge dictates, when Oprah recommends a book, yo..
11 hours ago in Health
BPA Is Still in Food Packaging–and the Replacements May Be Just as Bad
In her new monthly column, Nneka Leiba, the director of healthy living science at the Environmental Working Group, answers our most pressing concerns
yesterday in Health
Modern Utility
Utility-focused clothing has come a long way from the heavy-duty fatigues and cargo pockets it’s always been associated with. It can be tailored, femi
yesterday in Health
Ask Jean: What on Earth Is Dirty Rose?
Q: I love unexpected, not-everywhere perfumes—and for a long time, I thought they were less toxic than the big-name brands. (I’m totally bummed to lea
yesterday in Health
The Case for Carry-On
Ali Pew is the goop fashion director. Which means she travels—to Milan, Paris, and beyond—on a regular basis. Which means she knows airports as well a
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yesterday in Health
Superpower Your Kegels for a Healthy Pelvic Floor—and Better Sex
The benefits of doing about one hundred Kegels a day are huge—and new tech makes the practice a lot easier.
yesterday in Health
Under $250: Mother’s Day Gifts
The ideal Mother’s Day present should be the perfect balance of sincerity, love, and admiration. Instead of making yourself crazy in the days leading
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