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14 hours ago in Nature & Science
Why the Short-Lived Pony Express Still Fascinates Us
The Pony Express operated for less than two years, but its legend—burnished by Buffalo Bill Cody—lives on...
21 hours ago in Nature & Science
Here’s What Makes a Dripping Faucet Go ‘Plink’
Annoyed by the persistent dripping of water in a bucket, one scientist set out to learn what creates the distinctive sound.
22 hours ago in Nature & Science
Think Your Body Is Infested With Insects? You're Not Alone.
More people are turning to entomologists to diagnose seemingly inexplicable sensations of parasites crawling on their bodies.
23 hours ago in Nature & Science
Could Humans and Dinosaurs Coexist? Here's the Science.
“The dinosaurs would be aliens in our world.”
23 hours ago in Nature & Science
Why These Children Are Forced to Scale a 40-Foot Well
A short video shows young girls in India climbing into dangerous, deep wells to retrieve worm-infested water.
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6 days ago in Nature & Science
Safari Live - Day 174 | National Geographic
6 days ago in Nature & Science
Millennial Monks Adapt to a Modernizing World | National Geographic
7 days ago in Nature & Science
Explore the Stunning Beauty of Laos's Louangphrabang | National Geographic
7 days ago in Nature & Science
Soar Over the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines | National Geographic
23 hours ago in Nature & Science
World’s Biggest Pig Captured in Rare Video
The 600-pound giant forest hog is expert at avoiding people, who are increasingly hunting the animal in its African habitat.
yesterday in Nature & Science
Soft plots
The Chinese-born, Chicago-based artist Yuge Zhou’s series The Humors sets out to explore ‘urban behaviours and relationships, those of people and of t
yesterday in Nature & Science
Philosophy shrugged: ignoring Ayn Rand won’t make her go away
Philosophers love to hate Ayn Rand. It’s trendy to scoff at any mention of her. One philosopher told me that: ‘No one needs to be exposed to that mons
yesterday in Nature & Science
Smoking Ocean Vents Found in Surprisingly Shallow Water
Scientists have found new hydrothermal vents off the Azores, and they may harbor unique life.
yesterday in Nature & Science
Orcas Slap, Kill, But Don't Eat Their Prey
It’s impossible to tell why the whales didn’t eat their prey, one expert says, but here are a few suggestions.
yesterday in Nature & Science
Syphilis DNA Pulled From Colonial-Era Bones
The 350-year-old genes may help researchers settle the debate about where the disease originated.
yesterday in Nature & Science
Ancient Royal Tomb Yields Strange New Ape Species
The toothy creature provides rare evidence of early human-caused extinctions.
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