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19 hours ago in Nature & Science
This Adventurer Risked His Life to Discover Good Food
David Fairchild brought lemons, Japanese cherry trees, and decent beer to the U.S...
19 hours ago in Nature & Science
These Cuddly Lapdogs Were Once Used as Stealth Weapons
For Year of the Dog, we look into the origins of East Asian dog breeds—including the surprisingly ferocious Pekingese.
yesterday in Nature & Science
'One in a Million' Yellow Cardinal Spotted
Experts propose different theories for why bird's plumes have a mysteriously mustard hue.
yesterday in Nature & Science
Historic Photos Celebrate Pioneering Black Explorer
Largely ignored for nearly a century, Matthew Henson made big contributions to polar exploration.
yesterday in Nature & Science
America's Most Toxic Town Is Not Where You Think
Kotzebue is an Alaskan city located on a sound bordering the Chukchi Sea, about 30 miles above the Arctic Circle. The city features the Nullaġvik Hote
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2 hours ago in Nature & Science
This Is What a Perfect Day on a Frozen Lake Looks Like | Short Film Showcase
5 hours ago in Nature & Science
Fall in Love with Lake Como’s Seductive Shores | National Geographic
23 hours ago in Nature & Science
See How This Avalanche Rescue Dog Is Enjoying Her Retirement | Short Film Showcase
yesterday in Nature & Science
Ancient Rome 101 | National Geographic
yesterday in Nature & Science
Cyclone Remnant Spawns Horrifying River of Rock in New Zealand
Earlier this week, a storm spawned by the former Cyclone Gita swept across New Zealand, damaging buildings, knocking out electricity, and creating flo
yesterday in Nature & Science
How DNA Proved Wild Horses No Longer Exist
Once thought to be the world's only remaining wild horses, a new study shows Przewalski's horses have domestic ancestors.
yesterday in Nature & Science
Straw Wars: The Fight to Rid the Oceans of Discarded Plastic
Americans use 500 million straws daily. Citizen activists want to shrink that number.
yesterday in Nature & Science
Why dogs have floppy ears
Charles Darwin's The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication was published in 1868, nine years after On the Origin of Species. Among a num
yesterday in Nature & Science
We need the singular ‘they’ – and it won’t seem wrong for long
It’s been decades since I was a copyeditor, but I haven’t given up my long, trusting relationship with the Chicago Manual of Style. So when I learned
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