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1 hour ago in Science
Apple’s New iPhone X Commercial Shows Off Cameras Ability To Take Great Selfies
Apple released a new commercial showing off its newest flagship, the iPhone X. The company is hoping that its latest commercial will inspire iPhone us..
3 hours ago in Science
Monster Hunter World Devs Want To Add Characters From ‘World Of Warcraft,’ But Don’t Hold Your Breath
Capcom's launch date for 'Monster Hunter World' is just a couple of days away. Game directors share what they would love to see in the future like 'Wo
3 hours ago in Science
Here's What The Microsoft Xbox Watch Looked Like Before It Was Cancelled
Images of a powered on Xbox Watch prototype have surfaced, offering a glimpse into Microsoft's early work on wearable devices. The project was shelved
3 hours ago in Science
Once we geoengineer the climate, we can’t stop abruptly
If we ever attempt to fight climate change by spraying sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere, stopping could have dire consequences.
3 hours ago in Science
Apple Is Giving Some iPhone 6 Plus Owners A Free Upgrade To iPhone 6s Plus Until March
Apple is reportedly replacing defective iPhone 6 Plus units with the iPhone 6S Plus. Conditions apply for the free upgrade offer to take effect, but h
4 hours ago in Science
New cellulose could cut fuel costs and treat infections
A new kind of cellulose from E. Coli could be useful in medical applications and for making cheaper ethanol.
4 hours ago in Science
Overwatch League Pro Suspended For Homophobic Slur: 'Overwatch' Toxic Problem Back In Spotlight
Overwatch League player Felix 'xQc' Lengyel of the Dallas Fuel was suspended for launching a homophobic slur against Austin 'Muma' Wilmot of the Houst
4 hours ago in Science
Chameleon-like material could unleash more powerful computers
Because it can switch from insulator to conductor, a new material could make silicon-based computers a thing of the past.
4 hours ago in Science
What does the law say about homeschooling?
Two experts discuss homeschooling and the law in light of last week's discovery of 13 siblings living in poor conditions at a private home registered
5 hours ago in Science
10 pretty pictures from NASA to help you recover from the government shutdown
5 hours ago in Science
This is what determines the price of Bitcoin
8 hours ago in Science
Apple Teams With Malala Yousafzai To Help Fund Education For Girls
Apple and Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai team together to bring education to more girls around the world. The company wi
8 hours ago in Science
Last week in tech: Let’s get back to (post-CES) business
9 hours ago in Science
'SNL' Parodies Amazon's Search For Second Headquarters Location
‘Saturday Night Live’ took on Amazon's search for a second headquarters on its latest show. Amazon had cities bending over backwards for the chance to
12 hours ago in Science
We say these relationships are our most difficult
When it comes to toxic relationships, blood is thicker than water. But can you guess who gets the most votes for being difficult?
12 hours ago in Science
DNA is key ingredient in color-changing metamaterial
Gold nanoparticles and DNA combine to create new metamaterials.
12 hours ago in Science
These drones plant trees by firing seed pods at the ground
13 hours ago in Science
Mice can mimic human breast cancer genes
Mice mimicking human cancers could help scientists find new treatments for different kinds of tumors.
13 hours ago in Science
This optical illusion creates a handy fake flashlight
14 hours ago in Science
South Korean Authorities Now Also Investigating iPhone Performance Slowdown Issue
South Korea is now the latest country formally investigating Apple’s iPhone slowdown controversy after France, the United States, China, and others. A
14 hours ago in Science
Twitter: 700,000 Americans Liked, Retweeted, And Followed Russian Propaganda Bots During The Presidential Election
Twitter posted updates on its official blog regarding the investigation of Russian propaganda during the most recent presidential election. The data c
15 hours ago in Science
This is why cutting weight is so dangerous for professional fighters
15 hours ago in Science
iPhone X Canceled? Analyst Believes Weak Demand Will Lead To Apple Ceasing Production This Summer
A surprise report from KGI Securities revealed Apple's alleged plans to end the production of the iPhone X. The company supposedly came up with the de
15 hours ago in Science
FDA Looks To Kill Cigarettes With New Anti-Smoking Plan, Which May Ironically Save Big Tobacco Companies
The Food and Drug Administration is preparing an anti-smoking proposal that will look to end cigarette use. However, the plan may also have an ironic
16 hours ago in Science
Oolitic Limestones Used To Build Pentagon, Empire State Building Are Made Of Dinosaur-Era Microbes
The Pentagon, Empire State Building, and the Buckingham Palace used oolitic limestones as building materials. Researchers revealed these stones were m
16 hours ago in Science
Faulty Nexus 5X Owners On Project Fi Now Get Moto X4 Android One As Replacements
If you are one of the Project Fi subscribers that got the bootloop-plagued Nexus 5X, you’re in luck. Google is taking back the handsets and in exchang
16 hours ago in Science
Nvidia Wants To Fix GPU Shortage By Asking Retailers To Limit Sales To 2 Per Customer
Nvidia wanted to limit the selling of GPU cards to two units per buyer in response to the rising supply shortage of graphics cards. The problem is bel
16 hours ago in Science
Successful Surgery Fails To Save Life Of Boy With Giant Tumor On Face
Emanuel Zayas, a 14-year-old boy from Cuba with a giant tumor on his face, successfully underwent surgery to remove the benign growth. However, it was
16 hours ago in Science
Atlas V Launches Latest Early-Warning Infrared Surveillance Satellite For US Air Force
The United Launch Alliance Atlas V deployed another early-warning missile satellite for the U.S. military. The Atlas V rocket successfully launched SB
16 hours ago in Science
Google Makes It Easier To Create GIF Selfies On Gboard For iOS And Android
Google has relocated the GIF creator button on Gboard, making it easier for users to turn their selfies into GIFs. The updated design, however, has ye
17 hours ago in Nature & Science
1Minute Nature is a series of short vignettes in which children from the Netherlands reflect on how they experience nature. In this episode, nine-year
17 hours ago in Nature & Science
How midcentury Arab thinkers embraced the ideas of Freud
The world of Arab letters welcomed the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud. Arab novelists, literary critics, psychologists, teachers and students
17 hours ago in Nature & Science
Are you sleepwalking now?
Given how little control we have of our wandering minds, how can we cultivate real mental autonomy?By Thomas MetzingerRead at Aeon
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