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3 hours ago in Economics
A Pakistani Family's Nightmare: Daughter Studying Abroad Killed at Texas School
Sabika Sheikh was a few weeks shy of ending her year of studying abroad and was looking forward to going home. Her body will be returning to Karachi o..
9 hours ago in Economics
Venezuela Votes as Oil-Rich Nation Reels From Economic Crisis
Venezuelans buffeted by an economic crisis voted in an election that the opposition boycotted and the U.S. and other countries said would prove to be
10 hours ago in Economics
Treasury, USTR Send Mixed Messages Over China Tariffs
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer made conflicting statements over whether the Trump administration pl
16 hours ago in Economics
Iran Uses Nuclear Pact to Bargain With EU Over U.S. Sanctions
Iran promised to uphold the pact curbing its nuclear activities if the EU can offset renewed U.S. sanctions, senior officials said, advocating an appr
16 hours ago in Economics
Pope Francis Continues to Boost Diversity in College of Cardinals
Pope Francis has announced that he will elevate 14 men to the rank of cardinal on June 29, continuing his practice of conferring the honor on men from
10 hours ago in Economics
Cuba Identifies 15 Victims of Friday's Plane Crash
Cuban authorities have identified the remains of 15 of the 110 victims of Friday’s deadly crash in the country’s capital.
9 hours ago in Economics
Greece Steps Closer to Completing Bailout Review
Greece and its international creditors have reached an initial agreement on the reforms Athens must adopt thus paving the way for the completion of th
9 hours ago in Economics
Bombers in the South China Sea: Beijing Grows its Military Presence on Disputed Islands
China’s first-ever landing of a heavy bomber on a disputed island in the South China Sea punctuates a steady buildup of military assets that has solid
9 hours ago in Economics
Saudi Crackdown on Driving Activists Taints Reforms
The arrest of a dozen women who campaigned to allow women to drive points to the limits of social change in the conservative kingdom
9 hours ago in Economics
Fall of a Malaysian Dynasty Puts Target on Alleged 1MDB Mastermind
Financier Jho Low, accused of helping divert $4.5 billion, had been blithely partying and yachting around Asia. The prime minister’s shocking defeat m
10 hours ago in Economics
The Long and Difficult Road to a U.S.-U.K. Trade Deal
Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic have spoken enthusiastically about a U.S.-U.K. free-trade deal. But a report suggests that such a deal would
11 hours ago in Economics
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding Gives British Pageantry a Modern Glow
A grandson of Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday married an American actress, in a wedding that brought modern, African-American influences to a centuries
12 hours ago in Economics
Global Economy Week Ahead: U.S. Sentiment, U.K. Inflation, Eurozone PMI
In the week ahead, readings on U.S. home sales and consumer sentiment will be released, the U.K. will see new inflation data, and the eurozone gets a
13 hours ago in Economics
The Newest Thing in Beer: Ancient Yeast
Exotic strains are found in 130-year-old bottle and on Argentine mushroom; tossing 80,000 gallons of undrinkable brew
18 hours ago in Economics
China Rejects U.S. Target for Narrowing Countries' Trade Gap
A last-ditch effort by the Trump administration failed to get China to accept its demand for a $200 billion cut in the U.S. bilateral trade deficit, a
yesterday in Economics
Cuban Searchers Locate Black Box From Jet in Fatal Crash
Cuban authorities on Saturday recovered a black box from the Boeing 737 that crashed shortly after takeoff from Havana the day before, killing 110 of
yesterday in Economics
Pope Francis to Make El Salvador's Oscar Romero a Saint
Pope Francis decreed that he would canonize as a saint the late Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, an outspoken advocate for the poor and hero es
yesterday in Economics
One Small Rancher's Big Role in Saving Brazil's Amazon
Mauro Lúcio Costa is now preaching his methods across the Amazon, putting him on the front line of a battle to preserve the forest and transform the c
yesterday in Economics
More Than 100 Dead in Plane Crash in Cuba
A passenger jet with more than 100 people on board crashed shortly after taking off from Havana’s José Martí international airport, leaving only three
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