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8 hours ago in Economics
Boeing, Airbus Sales Imperiled as Trump Administration Formulates Iran Plan
The Trump administration is advancing a strategy that could derail efforts by Boeing and Airbus to sell hundreds of jetliners to Iranian airlines, U.S..
8 hours ago in Economics
Chile Votes Sunday in Tight Presidential Election
The wave of voter dissatisfaction that has swept much of the globe in the past two years has landed on the shores of Chile, where Sunday’s election is
11 hours ago in Economics
U.S. Army Finds Flaws With Assault on Mosul
American military units that participated in the decisive battle for Mosul against the Islamic State were hampered by difficulties in sharing battlefi
11 hours ago in Economics
Austrian Conservatives Cement Country's Shift to the Right
In Europe’s latest shift to the right, the expected next chancellor of Austria announced that his conservative party had cemented terms to form a gove
13 hours ago in Economics
Strong Earthquake Strikes Indonesia's Java Island
The magnitude-6.5 temblor shook the densely populated Java island, killing at least two people and severely damaging dozens of homes near the epicente
21 hours ago in Economics
Tillerson Says North Korea Has to Stop Nuclear Tests Before Any Talks
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the Security Council that North Korea must “earn its way” back to the negotiating table by ceasing its nucl
22 hours ago in Economics
Talk About Peer Pressure! U.K.'s House of Lords Prepares to Get Smaller
Parliament wants to figure out how to cut 200 members from one of the world’s largest and most pampered legislative bodies.
23 hours ago in Economics
Australian Report Urges Vatican to Reject Celibacy, Rethink Secret Confessions
An Australian investigation into decades of child sexual abuse, involving tens of thousands of victims, called for sweeping changes in the Catholic Ch
yesterday in Economics
EU Leaders Agree to Advance Brexit Talks
European leaders agreed to advance Brexit negotiations but called on U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to tell them quickly what her government wants fr
yesterday in Economics
Killings Shake South Africa's ANC Before Leadership Vote
The killings of two members of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress, both set to cast crucial ballots at the party’s leadership conference
yesterday in Economics
U.S. Displays Weaponry It Says Proves Iran's Influence
The U.S. for the first time publicly displayed what officials said were Iranian-made missiles, drones and other weaponry as proof of Tehran’s growing
yesterday in Economics
New U.S.-Backed Force Leads Terrorism Fight in Bangladesh
The botched terror attack in New York this week has created a fresh test for a new counterterrorism force tackling a growing U.S. concern: internation
yesterday in Economics
Russian Ex-Minister Gets Eight-Year Jail Term for Bribery
A Russian court sentenced a former economy minister to eight years in prison for taking a $2 million bribe in a trial that has cast a spotlight on inf
yesterday in Economics
Latest Talks on Syrian Peace End With No Progress
The latest round of Syrian peace talks ended with no progress toward a political settlement and no pause in government offensives against opposition-h
yesterday in Economics
Brexit Resurrects Questions About the Governance of Ireland
The U.K.’s coming divorce from the European Union has reopened the centuries-old debate about how Ireland should be governed. And the Irish question i
yesterday in Economics
As Fed Tightens, Europe Hangs Loose
Central banks in Europe showed continued caution about the region’s economic recovery, signaling that they are in no rush to follow the Federal Reserv
yesterday in Economics
Peruvian President Refuses to Quit Over Corruption Allegations
Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski refused to resign despite growing pressure to step down in connection with a corruption probe that began in B
yesterday in Economics
Brexit Summit Opens Day After Legislative Setback for May
European leaders are set to approve a divorce deal with the U.K. that opens the door to trade talks, but British leader Theresa May faces a new Brexit
yesterday in Economics
As China Courts Neighbors, New Images Show More Building in Disputed Waters
China has built more infrastructure on artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea in the past year, including underground tunnels and radar in
yesterday in Economics
China, South Korea Leaders Reset Bilateral Ties
The leaders of China and South Korea pledged to work together to counter North Korea’s rapidly advancing nuclear program, resetting relations that had
yesterday in Economics
Mexico's Central Bank Raises Rates as Inflation Concerns Mount
The Bank of Mexico raised interest rates by a quarter percentage point after a six-month pause, as policy makers have grown increasingly worried about
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