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2 hours ago in News
Hawaii volcano: 'Lava bomb' crashes through tourist boat roof, injuring 23
Woman in serious condition with broken thigh bone after being hit by molten rock on Big Island..
2 hours ago in News
More than a million over-50s out of work in 'unacceptable' waste of talent, MPs warn
'Older people who wish to work should not face the current barriers of discrimination, bias and outdated employment practice,' says Women and Equaliti
2 hours ago in News
UK 'complicit in killing civilians and risks being prosecuted over illegal drone operations', major report suggests
Chair of inquiry brands UK's claim to have killed only one civilian in Syria and Iraq airstrikes 'ridiculous'
2 hours ago in News
Rape and domestic violence victims at risk as police fail to record tens of thousands of crimes, watchdog finds
Modern slavery victims who were forced into prostitution among victims whose cases were not properly recorded
2 hours ago in News
Designer babies: Picking traits for non-medical reasons could be 'morally permissible', says UK ethics group
Letting parents choose preferred characteristics of offspring to avoid disease or otherwise, could be acceptable if it doesn't entrench disadvantages,
3 hours ago in News
Exotic sharks could migrate to British waters in coming decades due to climate change
Warming oceans mean large species such as hammerheads are likely to make their way north from the Mediterranean and Spanish coast
3 hours ago in News
UK aid risks not helping world's poorest because ministers have prioritised boosting trade, MPs warn
Government's focus on promoting investment in Britain risks leaving women, children and disabled people in developing countries behind, influential co
3 hours ago in News
Facebook gives special protections to racist pages and allows extreme content to be shared, investigation shows
Abusing Muslims is banned – but abusing Muslim immigrants could be allowed on the service
3 hours ago in News
More than a million older workers locked out of work due to age discrimination, MPs' report says
Committee slammed government and EHRC for failing to enforce laws around discrimination
3 hours ago in News
Millions to be hit with hosepipe ban across North West amid record heatwave
A hosepipe uses 540 litres of water in an hour, according to United Utilities
3 hours ago in News
Private management consultant spending at Department of Health nearly tripled last year, accounts show
Temporary staffing and consultant spending both increase after health ministry sacks hundreds of staff to cut costs
4 hours ago in News
Brexit: Theresa May wins knife-edge customs bill vote as defence minister resigns amid Tory rebellion
Theresa May has narrowly seen off a backbencher rebellion on a key piece of Brexit legislation during a dramatic night in the House of Commons.
4 hours ago in News
Tommy Robinson march: Footage shows demonstrator being headbutted by police horse
Man seen pointing and shouting at authorities before colliding with animal
9 hours ago in News
Trump-Putin press conference LIVE: Former CIA director John Brennan calls US president 'treasonous' for dodging Russia election meddling question
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5 hours ago in News
Turkey has stopped registering Syrian refugees, say human rights group
Human Rights Watch says move leaves refugees vulnerable to deportation, coerced returns to Syria and the denial of basic services such as health care
5 hours ago in News
Obama makes first visit to Kenya since leaving office in support of sister's foundation
Mr Obama helped promote the launch of his half-sister's new sports, training and vocational centre in Kenya
5 hours ago in News
Georges Lemaître: Who was the Belgian priest who discovered the universe is expanding?
'This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I ever listened'
5 hours ago in News
Government try to bring forward MPs' summer break amid pressure on Theresa May
The government has tabled a motion to bring forward MPs' summer break amid growing pressure on Theresa May, The Independent understands.
5 hours ago in News
Who is America? review: Necessary viewing for any Sacha Baron Cohen fan
Channel 4, 10pm, Monday 16 July
5 hours ago in News
Nelson Mandela anniversary: Obama to make rare high-profile speech honouring former South Africa president
Mr Obama is expected use the annual Nelson Mandela Lecture to highlight how the Nobel Peace Prize winner kept up his campaign against apartheid
5 hours ago in News
Trump-Putin meeting: Bipartisan outrage as 'disgraceful' US president sides with Russian leader over election meddling
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} Both Democrats and Republicans lambast Mr Trump as 'weak' and 'disgraceful' as he decli
5 hours ago in News
Giant hogweed: Virginia teenager suffers severe burns after brushing against toxic plant
Youngster rushed to hospital when his 'face started peeling' after contact with phototoxic weed
6 hours ago in News
Italy to allow boats carrying rescuing refugees dock on condition other countries take them in
Rome's hard-line anti-migrant government saw two ships blocked from docking
6 hours ago in News
World Cup 2018: France given heroes' welcome as hundreds of thousands flock to honour champions in Paris
The victorious team returned home to Paris where thousands gathered to meet them
6 hours ago in News
Safety concerns mount after three British holidaymakers die in four months at Magaluf apartment block
Latest fatality Thomas Channon was 'gentle, kind and generous' son, parents say
6 hours ago in News
Amazon down on Prime Day: Site not working as people shown dogs instead of deals
There are a wide variety of dogs to meet – but none of them make up for missing out on shopping for sales and offers
6 hours ago in News
Love Island LIVE: New contestant Laura Crane dates Sam after split with Georgia
All the latest from the Mallorca villa as the contestants search for love and try to evade sunburn
7 hours ago in News
'Art of the Deal' co-author says Trump is having a 'meltdown' and explains why this is a 'true emergency'
'I believe the republic is at enormous risk that goes far beyond what most journalists are comfortable saying...'
7 hours ago in News
Paul Simon, BST Hyde Park, gig review: Emotive closing chapter of an all-time great
The curtain has fallen on the singer-songwriter's European touring career
7 hours ago in News
Archaeologists find world's oldest bread and new evidence of sophisticated cooking dating back 14,000 years
Discovery may represent profound change in human eating practices, away from purely nutritionally utilitarian and towards a more culturally, socially
7 hours ago in News
Trump-Putin meeting: John McCain attacks US president's 'disgraceful' conference with Vladimir Putin
Current and former officials from both sides of the political aisle released swift condemnations of the president's performance in Helsinki
7 hours ago in News
Donald Trump's presidency is full of risks that are helping nobody but Russia
Normally, an attack on the US security forces in the presence of the US president by a Russian leader would spark a diplomatic incident – but not this
7 hours ago in News
Over 500 sick after E Coli outbreak spreads at Tennessee adventure park
At least 548 people reported gastrointestinal sickness after visiting the CLIMB Works canopy tour
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