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1 hour ago in Tech
China marks a key private rocket launch
American companies currently dominate the private spaceflight industry, but that might not be true for much longer. China's OneSpace Technologies..
2 hours ago in Tech
'Westworld' Recap, Season 2 Episode 5: More Dead Than Alive
'Westworld' is artful, intelligent, and sleek. Warm and relatable? Not so much.
3 hours ago in Tech
OnePlus 6 review - CNET
Yet another unmissable deal from Android's indie star.
1 hour ago in Entrepreneurship
3D printed bike tires are flexible and customizable
Flexible tires made from a thermoplastic elastomer can be 3D printed and customized for varying cycling needs. The post 3D printed bike tires are fle
2 hours ago in Entrepreneurship
Edible lab-grown fish protects sea life
Startup uses cellular biology to create lab-grown fish for a truly sustainable food chain. The post Edible lab-grown fish protects sea life appeared
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18 days ago in Gear
Why I don’t always use the “best” gadgets
19 days ago in Gear
LG G7 ThinQ Hands-on: the disappearing notch
19 days ago in Gear
Facebook’s dating app bets we’ll trust them again
19 days ago in Gear
F8 2018: Facebook’s top announcements
2 hours ago in Entrepreneurship
Graphene makes concrete stronger and greener
By incorporating graphene into concrete, scientists have created a stronger and more sustainable water-resistant material. The post Graphene makes co
2 hours ago in Tech
Microsoft just bought an AI startup to improve Cortana’s conversational skills
Microsoft has agreed to acquire Semantic Machines, a Berkeley, California-based startup that develops conversational AI – systems that help bots speak
3 hours ago in Tech
OnePlus Bullets Wireless review - CNET
These in-ear neckband-style wireless headphones share some similarities with BeatsX headphones but cost less.
5 days ago in Tech
OnePlus 6 hands-on review
OnePlus releases new phones with worrying regularity. How can it possibly maintain such a pace, and continue to deliver polished and desirable phones?
3 hours ago in Tech
OnePlus 6 review: new phone, same compromises
3 hours ago in Tech
OnePlus 6 review: A big step closer to the perfect smartphone
I still remember that day, more than four years ago, when OnePlus came out of nowhere with its promise "to spare no expense" to bring us "the perfect
23 days ago in Tech
Acton BLINK QU4TRO review
Hitting speeds up to 26 miles per hour, Acton’s four-wheel drive electric skateboard offers one of the most exhilarating rides we’ve ever experienced
10 days ago in Tech
The best electric skateboards
Thanks for Kickstarter and Indiegogo, electric skateboards are carving a bigger niche than you might think. Whether you're into speed, mileage, or som
4 hours ago in Tech
UK promises funding for AI-based early cancer detection
The UK is about to make a big bet on AI's ability to spot cancer. The Guardian has learned that Prime Minister Theresa May will commit "millions
4 hours ago in Tech
Progressive advocacy groups call on the FTC to “make Facebook safe for democracy”
A team of progressive advocacy groups, including MoveOn and Demand Progress, are asking the Federal Trade Commission to “make Facebook safe for democr
4 hours ago in Tech
Apple’s already considering a cheaper HomePod
At $349, the Apple HomePod smart speaker is leaps and bounds more expensive than similar products from other companies. Apple may be considering lower
4 hours ago in Tech
Capcom is bringing Resident Evil 7 to Switch... by streaming it
7 days ago in Tech
‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is the biggest Marvel movie of all time worldwide
Avengers: Infinity War continues to pass box office milestones, and now the superhero team-up film is the highest-grossing movie of all time worldwide
5 hours ago in Tech
Westworld Spoilers Club season 2, episode 5: Akane No Mai
5 hours ago in Tech
Crowdfunded 3D headphone startup Ossic closes its doors
It's a sad time if you're a fan of 3D audio. Ossic, a startup that crowdfunded a pair of headphones that personalized 3D sound for your ears
7 hours ago in Tech
Teen phone tracking app exposed thousands of Apple accounts
Parents understandably pour a lot of trust into apps that monitor their kids' activity. That makes it all the more painful when there's a l
7 hours ago in Tech
Are algorithms hacking our thoughts?
Adriana Stan Contributor Share on Twitter Adriana Stan is the public relations director of W magazine and a writer on media, culture and technology. S
7 hours ago in Science
Octopus-like ‘smart gel’ walks and moves objects underwater
The gel could lead to octopus-like robots that are soft but strong, change their shape, and can perform all sorts of tasks while underwater.
8 hours ago in Science
Discovery upends assumptions about birth defects
For decades, scientists have believed that birth defects were linked to the process of "cell death." New research challenges that idea.
8 hours ago in Tech
Nvidia’s researchers teach a robot to perform simple tasks by observing a human
Industrial robots are typically all about repeating a well-defined task over and over again. Usually, that means performing those tasks a safe distanc
8 hours ago in Science
Ready to enter kindergarten? Language skills are crucial
Evaluations of kindergarten readiness often focus on things like math and literacy, but language could be a better predictor of school success. (And n
8 hours ago in Science
Cocoa crops could get shady but still supply lots of chocolate
Rising demand for chocolate means a need for sustainable cocoa crops. New research indicates monocultures aren't the only option.
8 hours ago in Science
Better online tools give you more ways to check ‘fake news’
In the seemingly endless battle against false information and fake news online, newly upgraded tools can help you sort fact from fiction.
8 hours ago in Tech
Amazon gives 'Mrs. Maisel' third season just months after premiere
If it wasn't already apparent that Amazon has a lot of confidence in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, it is now. The internet giant has confirmed a third
9 hours ago in Tech
Orbital ATK is launching a cargo rocket for the ISS early tomorrow morning
Wake up in the wee hours of the morning on the East Coast, and you might get a chance to watch a rocket launch more than three tons of cargo for the I
9 hours ago in Tech
The Google Play store hosted malware meant to steal from North Korean defectors
McAfee researchers have discovered that hackers with links to the North Korean regime managed to make Google complicit in stealing information from de
9 hours ago in Tech
Owners of charged with extortion and other crimes
The owners of have been arrested and charged with money laundering, extortion, and identity theft. Some are hopeful that this will mark t
9 hours ago in Tech
Having Babies On Mars Is Going To Be A Titanic Challenge
The Red Planet's thin atmosphere makes the healthy development of a fetus nearly impossible — and that's only one of the many challenges Mars colonize
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