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3 minutes ago in Tech
How Microsoft helped imprison a man for ‘counterfeiting’ software it gives away for free
In a sickening concession to bad copyright law and Microsoft's bottom line over basic technical truths and common sense, Eric Lundgren will spend 15 m..
13 minutes ago in Tech
Acorns launches retirement account product to expand beyond retail investing
Acorns, the mobile service that’s providing a gateway to investing in the stock market, has completed the master plan it set in motion months ago with
41 minutes ago in Tech
Zuckerberg: It’s easier for AI to detect nipples than hate speech
Today, Facebook released its Q1 earnings, which showed the company can still make more money and attract more users year-on-year despite staggering co
50 minutes ago in Tech
A new system could bring life-sized holograms to a meeting near you
Researchers recently unveiled the TeleHuman 2, a system designed to bring video conferences to life, enabling people to pick up on the subtle body lan
53 minutes ago in Tech
‘God of War’ Niflheim and Ivaldi’s Workshop guide
Ivaldi's Workshop in Niflheim is one of the toughest challenges in God of War. There are tricks to dealing with its cursed mist, confusing layout, and
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7 hours ago in Gear
Android deserves better smartwatches. Here’s why
yesterday in Gear
Nintendo Labo for Switch | Circuit Breaker Live
2 days ago in Tech
Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED
5 days ago in Gear
How to save your eyes from screens
57 minutes ago in Science
Fortnite Releases New Weapons As New Clues About Meteors And Aliens Emerge
‘Fortnite’ has released two brand new weapons, the Clinger and the Noble Launcher, for its users to play with. However, fans are eagerly awaiting the
60 minutes ago in Tech
Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook has 'thought about' paid subscriptions
When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of a Senate commission earlier this month, he made a statement that hinted at the company explori
1 hour ago in Tech
Adtech company BuySellAds acquires Digg
It looks like Digg has found a new home: digital advertising company BuySellAds. While neither company has put out an official announcement, BuySellAd
1 hour ago in Tech
How $100 Can Be The Difference Between Housing And Homelessness
Seattle's public housing authority leaves little wiggle room for struggling residents.
1 hour ago in Tech
Chicago Is Trying To Pay Down Its Debt By Impounding Innocent People's Cars
How a uniquely punitive city impound program combined with the drug war and asset forfeiture to deprive people of their vehicles for years at a time.
1 hour ago in Tech
Republicans Lost Support In Every Special Election Since Trump Became President
On Tuesday, Republican Debbie Lesko won an Arizona special election with a much narrower margin than her predecessor.
1 hour ago in Tech
The Supreme Court Heard Oral Arguments About Trump's Travel Ban — Here Are The Highlights
Oral arguments are a rare chance to hear the justices' line of thinking about, and sometimes their opinions on, pending court cases, which is why cour
1 hour ago in Tech
The Lab Making Robots Walk Through Fire and Ride Segways
Benefits of robots: 1. They never get tired. 2. They can lift very heavy things. 3. They can walk through (controlled) conflagrations at the Universit
1 hour ago in Tech
A wealth of rich tunes: Here are the 25 best songs about money
There may not be as many songs about money as there are songs about love, but it's a close second If you're looking for a cash-inspired playlist, look
1 hour ago in Tech
Watch: Tesla Model X rudely interrupts man’s workout by plowing into gym
A trip to the nail salon nearly turned into a harrowing experience for a woman and a gym of go-getters anxious to get their Sunday swole on. The car f
1 hour ago in Tech
Volvo aims for half of its sales to be fully electric by 2025
Last year, Volvo announced that starting in 2019, all models it unveils will have an electric motor, whether it by a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid or a ful
1 hour ago in Tech
The best coupes of 2018
Coupes look better than just about anything else on the road, but which model is right for you? To make your decision easier, we've rounded up the bes
1 hour ago in Science
Woman Decides To Have Her Leg Amputated Years After Snapping It In A 'Freak' Accident
A woman from Manchester decided to have her leg cut off after snapping it six years prior. She said she was only walking on a pavement while leaving a
2 hours ago in Tech
Rookout raises $4.2M for its rapid production debugging platform
Few people get into coding because they enjoy debugging, but since there’s no such thing as perfect code, issues inevitably pop up. Israeli startup Ro
2 hours ago in Tech
Someone made Soulja Boy’s old website point to a bunch of dragon dongs
Soulja Boy is promoting dragon-themed sex toys on Twitter, whether he knows it or not. In what’s possibly the best combination of dungeons and dragons
2 hours ago in Gadgets
Startups in China Are Hiring Women as 'Programmer Motivators,' and It’s Just as Sexist as It Sounds
Duties involve maintaining programmers' morale by chatting them up, coordinating social activities, and even giving them massages.
17 days ago in Tech
New version of YouTube Kids will use humans instead of algorithms
YouTube may soon launch a new version of its child-focused app, YouTube Kids. This new version will rely on humans instead of algorithms to help curat
2 hours ago in Tech
The FDA is cracking down on Juul e-cig sales to minors
The FDA has its eye on Juul Labs, the e-cigarette company that has captured nearly half of the $2 billion e-cig market. Yesterday, the U.S. Food and D
2 hours ago in Tech
A $229 iPhone case? Are you kidding? - CNET
A company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, makes artisan wood cases that aren't cheap. But they are unique.
2 hours ago in Tech
NASA astronauts will probably launch from the US before The Winds of Winter is published
2 hours ago in Tech
Samsung Pay: What you need to know (FAQ) - CNET
Here's how Samsung Pay works and what you need to use the mobile payment system.
2 hours ago in Tech
Volvo's Polestar 1 luxury hybrid will cost $155,000
At the Geneva Motor Show last month, Volvo flaunted its long-range plug-in hybrid Polestar 1, which can pull with 600 horsepower thanks to its two ele
12 days ago in Tech
Here’s everything we know about ‘It: Chapter 2’ so far
A second film based on Stephen King's It hits theaters in September 2019. Here's everything we know about It: Chapter 2, which is set 27 years after t
2 hours ago in Tech
BMC Switzerland’s line of ebikes make their North American debut
BMC Switzerland has brought its line of high-performance ebikes to the U.S. for the first time, introducing the Speedfox Amp and Trailfox Amp models,
2 hours ago in Tech
YouTube Kids gets new parental-control features - CNET
After a controversy over disturbing clips on the child-focused app, Google-owned YouTube says it's rolling out new safety options.
2 hours ago in Gadgets
Man Who Crowdfunded Submarine Sentenced to Life for Murder of Journalist Kim Wall
The decision to sentence Madsen to life in prison is unusual given the details of the case and Denmark’s judicial system.
2 hours ago in Science
Promiscuous Monkeys Create Hybrids By Mating With Other Species, Research Says
An anthropology professor discovered a new species of monkeys in Tanzania, Africa. According to her research, the monkeys were products of two differe
2 hours ago in Tech
Facebook still cashing in on your data as sales surge - CNET
Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is going through the biggest crisis of its existence. But it’s still making gobs of money.
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